Friday, August 8, 2014

The Living Planet Aquarium

My sister, Elizabeth, loves animals making the zoo and aquarium two of her favorite outings. So recently she, Christina, my Mom, and I decided to go and check out Utah's new aquarium.

She LOVED the sharks.


I love when Liz speaks to ducks.


And of course Tina and I had to cross the bridge in "South America".

It was a marvelous time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014


My dad adores biking. Whenever he has the chance/time he's out on the road or up a trail somewhere. He even bikes to work - weather and time permitting. That's Dad. I, on the other hand, have never been a huge fan of biking. I don't even think I had a reason for this dislike; it's almost as though I woke one morning and decided, "You know, I think I'm just not going to like biking anymore." And so I didn't like it. For years my dad has been inviting me to go out biking with him and not once have I gone... maybe when I was like 14 or something. But definitely not in the last decade. I love to hike, play soccer and volleyball, ski, and play outdoors... biking and I just never clicked - not as a regular hobby type of a thing at least. I've biked Central Park, Hyde Park, Boston's Freedom Trail, and other famous places... but that was more as a tourist than a "biker".

Well, this July my dad again invited me to go biking with him and I said yes. What's more, is that in addition to saying yes, I actually went on a bike ride with him! Me. He took me on what he considers to be a "beginners" ride. Well, it was rough, tough, hot, hard, and not something I would consider to be "beginner" level... but it was absolutely delightful. I loved it - well, when I wasn't thinking "I think I can't...can...can't...can...breathe...I'm dying...just keep going..." And by some miracle, I made it and am now officially hooked. In fact, I've biked just about every day since (nearly three weeks now). I am slower than slow, take countless breaks, and have the sorest of bottoms (though I'm loving my padded bum biking shorts)... and I love it. 

Looks like there's still hope for me, after all, dad. (Ps: Thanks for your patience.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boating at Pineview Reservoir

Christina and Ivan

Kung Fu fighting Michelle... I won.

Christina and Ivan

Michelle and me

Another fight. Another victory.

Daddy skiing.

Daddy still skiing... and making us all look bad.


Practicing her modeling.


Grandpa Dean preparing to solemn.

Grandpa Dean... you do realize he's 80? What a champ!

Yours truly out there hanging on for dear life.

Michelle. Look at that form.

Christina and me.

Daddy driving the boat.

Man down!

Double skiing: Christina and Michelle