London Day-Trip: Bath

During my visit to London, I decided to take a day-trip outside the city. It was a three stop journey: Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge. We'll start with Bath - the second stop for the day.

To be completely honest, I'd never heard of Bath previous to my adventure; I was mostly excited to see Windsor Castle and Stonehenge. But oh was I in for a wonderful surprise. Bath is situated in the hills of England's stunning countryside. And the entire city seems to glow against its rich green hills as the majority of the buildings are made out of the local yellow-colored bath stone.

Driving into town.

Apparently this roundabout is a very popular - and expensive - place to live. Nicholas Cage apparently owns a flat. 

Bath Abbey

I just found this funny...

The city of Bath was founded upon natural hot springs making it a place of great popularity throughout its history. Anciently, it was used as a place of worship. Early AD, The Roman Empire took control of the area and created a great Roman bath or a spa for coed bathing and socializing (I kept my clothes on... ha.). Over the centuries, many have believed the water - with its + 40 minerals - have great healing powers. It's been said to cure infertility, disease, and even to extend life. I confess I did not find the mineral water very tasty myself...

The architecture and geography of Bath are amazing. And I couldn't have asked for better weather.

Many historically acclaimed people are also linked to Bath. One of my favorites is Jane Austen. The famous author actually took up residence in the city until her father died. It's rumored that her book, Persuasion, was greatly influenced by her experience living here. The following pictures detail one of the streets/apartments in which she lived she lived.   

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