Urinetown the Musical

One of my amazingly talented sisters, Rebekah, is currently performing in Urinetown the Musical. I admit I was skeptical prior to seeing the show; I mean the title is URINE-town… But it was great. Fantastic and hilarious. And the cast was excellent.

In brief, Urinetown is a satirical comedy that caricatures corporate management, bureaucracy, municipal politics, capitalism, and other such "issues". And as the title suggests, the musical has to do with… well urine. Or really it satirizes these themes through the story of a town where you have to pay to use the restroom. “A penny to pee,” as they say.

Here are some of their promos:

The plot: Due to severe drought the idea of private toilets is utterly absurd. Consequentially, the town is required to use public amenities controlled solely by a private corporation, the “Urine Good Company” aka UGC. The price to use toilets is high and the people are poor. So we have a rebellion, a fight for the freedom to pee whenever and wherever you like, government and the rich fall, and in the end nearly everyone dies… ha. Oh, and the narrator—because there is a narrator—never fails to remind the audience that Urinetown is not a happy musical. BUT it is hysterical. I literally was laughing the entire time. I mean, how can you not laugh when a lead is using a toilet plunger as a microphone? Exactly.

Well done Kensington Theatre Company. Well done.      

Collage by Rebekah Price
Photos by Laura Alsop Checketts 

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