Playtime at the Park

While in Utah, I got to play with Michelle and her children - errr the children she nannies that is. We biked, fed ducks, picnicked, sold lemonade, and were pretty much awesome. 

Feeding ducks,



The girls packed a fabulous picnic...

Paper boats,


Isn't Michelle just the cutest?! Really though, she is incredible! Sure she's a babe, but she's also super fun, talented, smart, athletic, charitable, humble, the bestest of friends, and all things wonderful. Gosh, I love her! Like, really love her. I wish she'd be my nanny. She is so good at planning activities with the kiddos, she's unbelievably creative, and fun! And she's fantastic when it comes to discipline. The girls LOVE her. Everybody loves her. And I'm just so lucky to have her as my sister and amiga.  

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