While in Utah, my sister, Rebekah, and I decided to try our hand at geocaching - urban geocaching. But first, do you know what geocaching is? Direct from"Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location." 

And in Rachel-language, upon receiving coordinates from the geocache app/site/whatever, you use a GPS/phone to locate the geocache and they can be hidden anywhere.  It can be A geocache is a container - from the size of a film canister to a bucket or bigger, big, small, clear, dark, anything. Each geocache contains a logbook where you document the date and your name. The geocache also contains "treasure" - again the sky is the limit. The rule with the treasure is if you take something from the geocache you must replace it with something of equal or greater value. Awesome, right?!

Shall we on to our adventure? Let's. First Geocache of the day. Location: 13th and 13th, Harmon's parking lot.  

Look! Could it be?


The logbook,

We're official...

Mission accomplished. And we're off to geocache number two... these are our oh so serious geocaching faces - cause we take geocaching very seriously. 

On to wilder terrain,


Still looking...

Where is it?

Looking up the latest info on this geocache we learned, "it's been moved or removed". How rude. BUT, we did have a go of tic-tac-toe on this lil stump before taking on our next quest.

Geocache three: bring it on.


That way!


Best treasure yet.

We traded a bunch of stickers for this lil guy... or girl.

Logging our visit,

But are we done? Never!

Getting our coordinates,

Geocache number four... accompanied by our elephant treasure.

Destination: Research Park

Where is it?

Gross. That is not a geocache.

Seriously, where is it?

Try as we may, we never found the said geocache. Upon further research, it has reportedly been moved about 30 feet from the coordinates and "blends very well with nature". The carcass was also mentioned... But, after an hour of stomping through poison ivy and crawling amongst tree branches and thorns we decided to forgo the geocache. After all, we had our elephant. 

Oh but what a delightful day of adventuring. Mission accomplished. 

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