NYC Spring Break: Manhattan LDS Temple and Central Park

One morning we had the wonderful opportunity to serve in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' (Mormon) Manhattan Temple located just across from Julliard on the UWS. Let me just say, there is no better escape from the business of the city than the Temple. It is so peaceful, quieting, and grounding. Due to a lack of staff, we were even able to spend time in the Temple completely alone; we sat and pondered, quietly spoke and answered each other’s questions, and prayed. I loved being there in solitude with my dear sisters. I loved feeling the Savior’s and Heavenly Father’s love for Tina and Steph, and me. There’s something special about being able to look at either side of you—Christina on my left and Stephanie on my right—and know you can be together as a family forever. This was definitely one of my favorite things we did together.

Later we spent time in another of my favorite places, Central Park.

My face! Ha.

Sisters are the best,

Love loved having them here! Best baby sisters and friends anyone could ever have! The end.

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