NYC Spring Break: 911 Memorial and the Empire State Building

Another morning we visited the 911 Memorial site. Now I don't mean to be rude, but the line "system" is very unorganized. And poor Steph had two ladies behind her that maintained a distant of but a few inches, which was completely unnecessary as we were finally in an official line at that point. Steph sure loved having those two ladies breathe down her neck and flat-tire her shoes the entire time. No, cute Steph was a trooper and stayed positive through it all. I think the protective older sister in me was more irritated than anyone. Ha. Sisterly love.

And some of the girls,

We also went to the top of the Empire State building which was incredible. I’d never actually been in daytime so this was definitely a treat. You're so high up! It’s crazy. We were getting a bit dizzy just from looking so far down. 

See my home just across the water?

Don't fall,



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