How to Curl Hair Using Socks Tutorial

Sorry for those who saw this Monday only to find it had disappeared a few hours later - had to take this post down for technical reasons. But it's back!

Anyway, I am currently obsessed with sock curls aka curling hair using socks. Why? Well,

1- they're super easy
2- the sky is the limit, meaning you can get different looks merely by changing the number of socks you use each night! For example, you might use more socks one night to enjoy Shirley Temple-like ringlets and less socks another night for waves...
3- you literally roll out of bed with a head of curls or waves (perfect for those who don't particularly enjoy mornings... me)
4- they don't cause heat damage 
5- they save time - no more 25-40 minutes using a curling iron
6- in my experience, they also last longer than curls done with a curling iron
7- your hair looks awesome and yet it took maybe 10 minutes to do
8- socks in the hair are just so darn sexy. ha.

You mean to tell me I can look entirely put together in just 10 minutes?! Yes. It is a dream come true. And lucky for you, my sister Stephanie and I ran out of time for me to teach her during her Spring Break visit warranting the need for a tutorial. 

How to Curl Hair Using Socks: Video Tutorial

(Ps I had to upload it to Youtube because blogger wouldn't let me.)

How to Curl Hair Using Socks: Written Directions

1- You need socks. Any socks... I like to use calf-length socks because I find them easier to tie off once you've wrapped your hair around it. How many socks? Your choice. Just know, the more socks you use, the tighter your curls will be. I personally like to switch it up. I use up to eight socks if I want to look like Shirley Temple (or a poodle) and as few as three for loose waves. Again, everyone's hair is different so you may need to play with the number of socks until you find the right curls for you.

2- Get your hair damp but not too damp. Your hair should be completely dry before you take out the socks. Everyone's hair is different so you may have to play with this too. I usually shower at night, allow for my hair dry a bit, and then put the socks in. I have also used a water spray bottle to dampen my hair if I'm feeling too lazy to shower.

3- Divide your hair into equal parts by the number of socks you're using. This step really is optional; I like to divide my hair before proceeding to ensure my curls are all about the same size. For example, if I'm using three socks I'll divide my hair into three parts of about the same thickness. If, however, I'm using six or so socks, I merely divide my hair in half then eyeball the amount of hair for each of the three socks on either side. It makes me happy.

4- Socks, damp hair, sections of hair... let's put those socks in. Take one of the sections of your hair and twist it until it's twisted all the way up to your scalp. Next begin to wrap the very bottom of that section of hair around the middle of a sock, making sure to secure the very ends of your hair by wrapping your hair directly on top of the ends. Does that make sense? Basically, if your ends aren't covered and held in place it will unravel; I secure the ends of each piece by wrapping the hair on top of the ends before continuing. Once the ends are secure, continue to wrap your hair around the sock. Once you've wrapped all of your hair, tie the ends of the sock together to secure it. Proceed with the rest of your hair. (forgive the grainy phone pix)

5. Sleep. Or if you're doing this during the day, allow hair to dry completely.

6. Once your hair is dry, carefully untie the socks and unroll your hair. It will look something like this.

7. Separate the curls using your fingers, then comb, brush, flip up and down, style... whatever your heart desires. And take awkward pictures like this...


The end and best of luck to you!

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