NYC Spring Break: Museums

During Tina's and Steph's visit, we explored a number of museums. Let's start with the Liberty Science Museum, shall we? 

Waiting for the Light Rail...


Look at the IMAX dome!

This thing expands into a huge ball,

The one bugger was competing with the little children. I mean, we wanted a turn too. Ha! But really.

Our combined masterpiece: we each did a section. And all the while we were fighting off kids from taking over. Ha. 

Christina... doing something I can't remember but this picture is awesome.

Steph figured out this puzzle. She's brilliant.

While there, we also saw The Hubble on their dome IMAX—the largest in the world. In a word, The Hubble was/is fascinating. We’ve all seen pictures of far off galaxies, planets, and stars; however, until seeing the film I was never able to fathom the vastness and grandeur of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “get” the universe by any means. But the film takes you through the lens of the Hubble and you journey from here to the furthest ends of the known universe. I’m still in awe. Seeing things progressively and in such amazing images really helps to put these far off places into perspective. The universe and space—it’s incredible! Our favorite part was when the narrator—Leo Dicaprio—posed the questions, “Who are we?” “Where did we come from?”… we were half tempted to stand and announce “We know!” and then hand out the Book of Mormon. Only we didn’t have a Book of Mormon with us… that and we felt it would be highly inappropriate. But we sure got a good laugh out of it. 

I suppose I thought I needed to lean in further than necessary...? 

During the week, we also ventured to the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). First, let's talk the Museum of Natural History. I love the Museum of Natural History. I love the Ocean Life room, Dum Dum (also in the film Night at the Museum), the dinosaurs, and more. That being said, many of the museum displays include stuffed, dead animals. Now it just so happens that my baby sister, Steph, is one of those ultra-animal loving people. She's not a vegan or anything like that, but she sure does love and defend animals. Yeah. Let's just say the Museum of Natural History is not very ideal for those who share Steph's passion. And for whatever reason, the thought didn't even cross my mind until we were standing in the museum. I felt so bad. I’m pretty sure I’ve traumatized Stephanie for the rest of her life. And I know this is horrible, but I was kind of trying not to laugh at how horribly funny it was—the irony of it all. And then it got worse. Little FYI, Steph’s favorite animal is the owl. You know where this going don't you... While rushing through another exhibit of plush stuffed animals, we hurriedly turned a corner and found ourselves staring at a wall entirely made up of owls. Steph looked horrified. That's when I ran forward, covered her eyes, and guided her through to the exit. Tell me that’s not horrible and yet slightly hilarious. That would happen. Tour guide fail on my part. Ha.

Teddy and the girls,

Dum Dum!

As for the MET, we had a most enjoyable time. So Steph’s generally not much of a museum person. She loves the interactive more science-y ones… and clearly dislikes those like the Museum of Natural History. As for the MET, well let's just say we only planned to be there for a short while. After all, we had to see the Egyptian and Knights and Armor collections. So we strolled through mummies, papyrus, and temples and that was fine. After, we headed for the Knights and Armor. And well, imagine my surprise when Stephanie suddenly became entirely enthralled with the Knights and Armor collection. I mean, I think it's cool too... but Steph was engulfed by it. Knights and Armor aka weapons? I kept thinking to myself. Of all things, this is what my innocent baby Steph is interested in? Well, yes. Steph and Christina are both writing books—legit books. They’re both incredibly talented, creative, and brilliant... and it turns out Stephanie is actually in the middle of researching weaponry and armor for one of her eight books. It was great! If she was happy, I'm happy. So while Steph studiously went through the entire exhibit snapping pictures of just about everything, Tina and I sought to find our favorite armor, choice of weapon, etc. We also attempted to photo-bomb some of Steph's pictures. It was all so much fun. 

Weapons by Stephanie,

Photo bombing one of Steph's weapon pictures...

After Knights and Armor, we decided to head out. Only, have you ever been to the MET? It’s huge. And it’s rather difficult to find your way out. Well, we meandered about and I eventually realized I had a map, so I got that out. Then I followed it toward the front and closest exit. As I did this, I failed to heed which exhibits we were walking through. And let's just say we are all very… innocent. And we like being innocent. So when suddenly I looked up from my map to find myself face to face with a very naked and anatomically correct Greek statue I was shocked. Yes, we had found our way to the Greek and Roman sculpture hall. It was the final hall we had to walk down to get to the exit. “Ladies, keep your eyes down." Though they didn’t need me to say it as they were already averting their eyes from the very biologically enlightening exhibition. And giggling immaturely, we made our way to the front. And that is when we decided to ask for a bathroom. “You see that hall there with the statues?” the guard pointed. The one with all the nakies? “You have to go down there, make a left…” blah, blah, blah. In other words, we weren’t finished with the Greeks and the Romans and their liberal arts. And so again, we swiftly made our way down the hall, again, laughing immaturely. And finally we found the bathroom and an alternative exit that did not take us back through the Greek and Roman sculptures for a third time. So we exited the building and found ourselves on a path lined with pictures from the museum. They were all so lovely… until there was a mural of more immodest gentlemen. “Ah, don’t look right!” I called. I turned my head left. More nakies. “Ah, don’t look left either! Just… uh... keep your eyes down.” We were dying of laughter. They had done the same as I in that we’d all seen the right picture at the same time, averted our eyes left, and finally just looked down. Ha. We're so cool.     

We did visit one other “museum”. I’m not even sure if you would call it a museum… Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I suppose you could describe Ripley's as a museum of… abnormalities. I mean, Believe it or Not implies is this true or not? Or in other words  is this just plain ridiculous or farfetched? For example, they have the shrunken heads from Ecuador. Have I mentioned those before? It used to be the practice to shrink the dead’s heads in Ecuador… Anyway, it’s true. Gross, but true. Anyway, that’s not all they have in there. The have a hidden door that you have to find to exit a room (which totally startled me), mirrors that play with your perspective, and one of those spinning star rooms you have to walk through. There’s even a laser challenge where you go into a room and attempt to get to the far wall, push a button, then make it back without hitting any of the lasers. It was hard! But very fun. We’re basically professional spies now.

These cockroaches are alive!

World's tallest man's hand size.

Hey, where'd their legs go?

Christina and I had our heads jarred for safe keeping,

Perspective. This is a picture of us lying down and looking up at a mirror.

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