NYC Spring Break: Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

My two baby sisters—Christina and Stephanie—spent their Spring Break here, with me. Lucky, lucky me! Love them. 
First, let me introduce Stephanie, 

And here's Christina, 

They'll love that. Ha. Anyway, I call them “baby” sisters, but really one’s 16 and the other's nearly 18-years-old. I can hardly believe how grownup they’re getting! Ha, now I sound old for saying that. It’s the truth though. I grew up babysitting and caring for these two. Why I was 12 when Christina was just two-years-old and Stephanie an infant. When I moved out, they were what—8-and 6-years-old? Now here we are a decade later and my babies are all grown; they’re driving, dating, graduating high school, going to college, and becoming adults! It's actually very cool to watch; but also weird. Anyway, enough of the nostalgia. On to our vacation—well, my staycation

Note: Due to all the adventures and fun we had, it's probably best if I divide their visit into a few posts. Moving on...

Even though it’s Spring here in NYC, we had a fairly cold and windy week. So when we decided to go see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, we made sure we were very prepared with lots and lots of layers. And not only did we have our coats, but we also kept warm by having a dance party on the deck of the ferry. Most people were hiding inside, so we had plenty of room to show off our moves. We also reenacted the “Jack I’m Flying” scene form Titanic and waved hello and goodbye to other boats and people. Such grownups.   

We did spend a bit indoors while on the ferry. It was frigid! So glad we and our coats.

Probably my most awkward pose ever,

This tree shows the root of many common words we use today. For example, the word bum is apparently of German decent... 



Lady Liberty,

I couldn't decide between photos, so I put both.

Ok, all three.

From sea to shining sea, Like Lady Liberty
She reins over all she sees
She's beauty and she's grace, She's Miss United States...
Ha... kept thinking of this from Miss Congeniality the entire time

Look, we're Lady Liberty... very original, I'm sure,

According to my dear husband and sisters, I got a picture of the Statue of Liberty “from every angle”. The funny part is, they’re right. But hey, Lady Liberty may look better from one side than another. We all know I prefer the left side of my face (which I recently read this is very common). Ha.

That last armpit shot was for Bryan. SO glad he was able to take some time off work to play with us!

Look at them contemplating freedom... or food...

What up?


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