My Old Stomping Grounds

I found myself on the Upper West Side (UWS) earlier this week. It was a beautiful spring day; it was warm and sunny… all you need is a light sweater (ahem, my favorite line in Ms. Congeniality).  If you recall I lived on the UWS all during graduate school so, in a way, I felt like I was home. I wandered the neighborhood and walked by some favorite places. So many stories, so many friends, so much homework… why this is where I met my incredible husband. I honestly looked like such a goof as I strolled along with a huge grin on my face and random outbursts of laugher as I took a walk down memory lane.

Midnight diet coke and chocolate runs to the corner store.

That time my roommate/bestie, Melissa, and I had a cookie dough fight—more like a war—with some dudes in the neighboring building. We were both crying from laughing so hard as we dove behind our kitchen counters while they pelted us with cookie dough. FYI, cookie dough leaves welts. Don’t worry, we hit them too.

An epic snowball fight in Central Park. I’d only just realized I had feelings for my husband; he was there too. I confess I had no problem with him wrestling me to the snow-covered ground.

The tennis ball party. Someone got what? 100, 500 tennis balls for free on Craigslist. Clearly we had to party and have a tournament of some sort. We are so cool.

Sleepovers on the hide-a-bed watching chick flicks and The Bachelor. My friend, Melissa, would cry at the end of every film that had a happy ending. “It was just so happy,” she would sob. Love that girl.

First date, first kiss, first “I love you!”, first apartment together... This is where my happily ever after began.

Geez, I really could go on and on and on. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you.

Anyway, I walked a lot. I spent a good three or so hours exploring, laughing, smiling, and reminiscing.  I actually hadn’t even planned to explore the UWS; I was in the area to meet with a favorite former professor. But it brought me back to my old stomping grounds though, and I loved it. I really am so unbelievably grateful for the wonderful experiences I had during my time on the UWS.

Finally, I finished my adventure with the Manhattan LDS Temple. My professor mentioned how beautiful the “Mormon Church” is there. I couldn’t agree more.

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