Devil's Hockey

In case you’re wondering, Bryan and I are hockey fans now. I’m sure that’s all you’ve been doing lately, wondering “are Bryan and Rachel hockey fans?” Ok, probably not at all on your mind. BUT we really are hockey fans.

Bryan and I recently went to a NJ Devil’s game with our friends, Jared and Kerrie. In mere minutes we were converted to the sport! Ok, so I don’t “get” most of what goes on down on the ice. But I can absolutely appreciate the fact that grown men (in this case) were skating on an ice rink as though it was second nature while hitting a lil puck with sticks; oh and somehow they even got the puck into a mini goal guarded by a player that looks like a lego person due to the amount of bulky padding he has on. Yeah. I'm a fan.

Ok, so they sometimes fight. Not so cool. (I confess I can't help but laugh when they fight.) BUT they are penalized for it and have to go sit in a little box on the sideline... like a grownup timeout.

Back to my hockey knowledge. Our friend, Jared, was a former hockey player so even though I began with a limited knowledge I left knowing quite a bit. (I can’t say that I can recall any of what I learned now… but that’s beside the point.)

Have I mentioned I feel bad for the Refs? I do. I would be utterly terrified if I had to be out there with a puck, sharp skates, sticks, and all sorts of dangerous things flying around the ice. Also, I can’t skate to save my life. Rest be assured, hockey Ref is one job I never have and never will aspire to do.

Confession: I’ve always been afraid of attending hockey games. When I was younger I heard a story about a hockey fan dying - yes dying - from a rogue hockey puck that hit him in the head. Now I don’t know if that story is true, but it sounds like something that would happen to me. I suppose you could say I was pretty brave attending the game… conquering my fear and all. Not really though, because I will always sit far, far away just in case. Ain’t nobody gonna hit me with a puck. (Parenting fear: what if my child wants to be a hockey player? How do you explain my sitting in the nosebleeds at every game? Better view?)

Oh you’ll love this: did you know the Devil’s have cheerleaders? Or I guess “cheer-dancers”? That’s right. They were fabulous dancers. That being said, you’d think they’d sport something other than booty shorts and a halter top bra in that this was an ice-skating rink… I’m thinking leggings, leg warmers, and a nice long sleeve shirt to keep warm at a minimum. Clothing choice aside, I want to know why they weren’t cheering/dancing on the ice? I mean come on, at football games they’re down on the field. For basketball, the cheerleaders are on the court. You’d think for hockey the cheerleaders would be on the ice. I’m just sayin… Ha. Can you imagine cheer-dancers on skates?! So much cooler. 

Anyway, we had a fantastic time watching three very intense periods. So yes, we’re hockey fans. Not necessarily Devil’s fans… but hockey. Very exciting!

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