St. Patrick's Day DIY Garland

You may not believe me, but I made my very own St. Patties garland. Yeah. And suddenly I feel like a real homemaker… which is definitely a first. But I am so proud. I’m like a woman now. Whoa.

So how did I do it? Meaning how did I make the garland, not how did I become a woman because that one remains a mystery to me. Well… first I drew a shamrock on a piece of paper. Actually I drew a lot of shamrocks on paper until one finally looked semi shamrock-like. (That’s the hardest part.)

Next I traced my shamrock on green paper (I used two shades of green) and cut them out. If I did it over though, I would laminate the traced shamrocks on the green paper before cutting them out. Silly me, I didn’t think to laminate them until after I was done cutting my 20 shamrocks out. So I got to do double duty cutting.

Why laminate? Well you see, I made heart garland a year or two ago. It looked fabulous. Key word: looked. This year when I pulled the garland out it didn’t look fabulous anymore. I’d even stored it well. It was a real tragedy. Right, so by laminating my shamrocks I’m hoping for a longer life for them; maybe this time I’ll even get to five years of use. Hey, a girl can dream.

Anyway, once I had my pretty little laminated green shamrocks, I used a hole punch to punch a hole in each one. I personally made the decision to punch holes in different places on each shamrock. I figured why not; and turns out it adds a lovely variety.

Next, I hit the jackpot of burlap-like string/yarn at the local dollar store. I was very pleased with my find. So back home, I unwound the string until I had my desired length of garland. I then strung a shamrock on to where I wanted it and tied a knot so the shamrock wouldn’t slide. I then continued the process until all the shamrocks were all secured. I eyeballed the distance between shamrocks—some are longer than others. But I kind of like it that way. Then voilĂ . My St. Patties shamrock garland. 

So you see, I really am a homemaker. Who would have thought.

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