Savior of the World

During one of many rather lengthy lapses in blogging, life offered me some pretty neat opportunities and blessings that still need to be documented. For example, in 2012 I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the cast of the LDS Conference Center’s production of Savior of the World—with my sister and bestest friend, Bekah.

Savior of the World tells the story of the birth and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful production filled with the love and spirit of the Lord. The first half of the musical reviews the events surrounding the birth of our Savior. We see dear Mary visited by the Angel and her visit to her cousin Elizabeth. We see sweet Joseph as he struggles with Mary’s pregnancy as well as his own Angelic visit by dream. We see Mary and Joseph’s wedding, shepherds in the field, and Heavenly angels sing. Finally we see Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in but a humble stable.

Following intermission, we see beloved Mary Magdalene grieving at the Savior’s tomb. This scene is so touching and pure as she sings one of the most beautiful ballads and sees the Savior. The rest of the second half reviews the experiences of the disciples and those close to the Savior as they come to understand the resurrection and see the Savior again: the road to Emmaus, Thomas’ struggle in believing what he has not seen, and ultimately the love our Savior has for everyone.

For me, one of the most touching facets of the musical is that there are always—always—angels on the veranda above the stage; they watch, grieve, and rejoice with the characters. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are not alone; we are loved and looked after.

Savior of the World is a perfect way to bring the focus of the holidays back to the Savior Jesus Christ. It is highly emotional and spiritual; it is uplifting and pure. It’s a musical testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. He was born, lived, died, and was resurrected that we all may live forever in glory.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend going this next holiday season. Tickets usually go on sale in October (they sell out quickly) and the production runs November through December.

Now entering the LDS General Conference Center...

The LDS Salt Lake Temple

Practice makes perfect

An epic game of Simon Says with the entire cast

Dress rehearsal

 Backstage, costumes and makeup

So many amazing people!

More play and getting ready

Bekah and I had such a blast! I absolutely love that girl.

Pre-preformance cast devotional

Some cousin fans... they were in the cast a few years back. Love them.

I loved my experience and am so unbelievably grateful to have been able to participate in the 2012 production. Being in the cast of Savior of the World at this particular time was also a tremendous blessing in my life. It was actually during a time of great trials for me. I was down and frustrated. Then my Heavenly Father and Savior literally wrapped me in their arms as they guided me to audition for and then supported me while in the cast of Savior of the World. And let me tell you, it’s impossible not to feel the Spirit and love of the Lord when you're part of that special cast. So even though times then were unbelievably difficult, I always knew my Heavenly Father and Savior were there for me. They are always there for me. They are always there for you. They love each and every one of us. 

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