That time we moved to Jersey...

Oh hey, remember me? Rachel. Yes I’m alive (sing “aaaaah” choir-like or operatically). I’d give you a list of excuses for my absence but the reality is that I sort of just didn’t blog for what—2 years. Eh. I suppose these things happen. But alas, I am back. So hi!

Two years. Hmmm… how about a brief update? First. Where are we? “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”

Ok sorry about that. Really, where are we (we being the husband and me)? Well, as of December 30, 2013 we moved to the “Garden State” aka New Jersey. My dear husband was asked to relocate for his job in November; and we moved the end of December. Kept us pretty busy organizing, packing, and cleaning all whilst celebrating the holidays and attending family gatherings. But it’s all been well worth it.

Right. So, Bryan actually works downtown NYC; we live just across the water from his office on the “Jersey side” which for us is Jersey City—right near Newport. It’s wonderful! Bryan found us the most phenomenal apartment right near the Jersey shore… not that Jersey Shore (I’m told this is some reality TV show?). It is perfect for us. Whereas his commute was anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes from our Harlem apartment, it is now a mere 20 minutes from door to door! No joke. He simply jumps onto the Path, travels [under water…how cool is that?!] but two stops or so to the World Trade Center, and then emerges right by his work. Awesome.

So work. Bryan’s work, that is. I’m pleased to say that so far it’s all been positive reports. Bryan really enjoys the work he is doing, the people he is working with, and the overall environment of his office and group. In truth, Bryan is top notch when it comes to what he does. (Oh, and this isn’t just from the wifey; he has the professional feedback and reviews to support it.) He’s a hard worker, efficient yet accurate, great with people, a quick learner, a fantastic teacher, and is unbelievably bright. People love him. (As do I … thus the being married.) Really though, I am so proud of him. I’m proud of his continuous growth and his ability and willingness to take on new experiences and challenges. And I'm proud of a whole lot more. Yep, I married a good one.

Now let’s talk about me. (Ha, that sounds conceited. But seeing as this is my blog/journal I suppose it was bound to happen.) I am currently unemployed. I quit my job (sniffle, sniffle) at the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) just before moving out here. The plan now is to finish moving us into our lovely apartment, and then find a job out on this side of the country. Yay.

Oh but I am loving New Jersey. We are loving New Jersey. We live in a fantastic building that is conveniently situated near a large grocery store, the Path, and much more. In fact, we even have a mall but two minutes away that has a movie theater where I finally saw Frozen. My review: AWESOME. Our location is also very close to the water—just one block—which means we have easy access to the board walk! Hurray! Apparently it runs the entire length of the shoreline. Yeah, I’m pretty excited for that. Though I'm particularly excited for this come summer as there are plenty of places to rent bikes for super cheap. As in there’s a place where you can rent a bike for an entire day at just $5. I’d say it’s a lovely place to run… but we all know I don’t do that: run. Thus the life goal to never run a marathon.

The home. We live on the 48th floor in the most charming one-bedroom apartment. I mentioned before Bryan worked hard to find us such a perfect place. Following the November job offer he actually spent two separate weeks in NYC for worksame companyprior to our move. Honestly, I don't know how he did it. He is amazing. Somehow he managed to make and attend apartment appointments between meetings, during lunch, and early and late in the day. Like I said, I married a good one. Thus the perfectly located one-bedroom with big windows and lots of natural light. Hey, I fully admit I am sun needy, and the husband knows it. Not to tan per say, but for the Vitamin C and happy-ing benefits. I tell you, I completely believe in photosynthesis of the human body; the sun gives my body the juice it needs to exist. Ha. 

(Side note: This may sound funny, but I almost feel spoiled having a separate bedroom, especially after our 350 square foot studio in Harlem. Good times.)

Here on the 48th floor we are also favored with the most breathtaking views of the city and surrounding area. 

Ah, It’s good to be here. We love our families out West, but are thrilled for the opportunity of a new adventure in a new neighborhood and state.

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