A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1

Previously [here] I wrote about all the beautiful, picturesque, fall into place aspects of our move to Jersey. All of that was/is true. That being said, there may be a few details I didn’t mention… the more unexpected and often comical details if you know what I mean. So pull up a chair, put your feet up, and enjoy the comedic tale of our move.

Part 1: [For Part 2 click Here and for Part 3 Here]
Long ago there was a most lovely, charming, and enjoyable couple that was offered a flattering opportunity back East.

[Ok, technically it was my husband who was offered an opportunity for employment; but both of us had the opportunity to commence on a new and exciting adventure together.]

Right, well the couple accepted the offer and the fun began.

[Technically, we were already having fun… so rather a new fun began.]

Tuesday December 11, 2013
After lots of organizing, purging, selling, packing, cleaning, and more, their movers came and picked up their belongings.

Taking into consideration winter weather and other possible delays, the bright young couple had the movers take their belongings three weeks early to ensure a timely and date specific delivery on the other side. The husband was to begin his new position in NYC as of Monday January 6, 2014. Their flights were scheduled for Monday December 30, 2013. And the movers agreed to deliver their household belongings Tuesday December 31, 2013 between 1-4PM. Even the apartment freight elevator was scheduled for the move. And there it was: a perfect, foolproof plan.

Well, the end of December was filled to the brim with holiday cheer, snow, family, the cabin, crafting, performances, gingerbread houses, the Grinch, a cherished call from a sister serving a LDS mission, the Savior Jesus Christ, and more. It was a most jolly time. Yes, the couple was sad to leave their wonderful families, but they also looking forward to the novelty of their dawning new escapade.  

Monday December 30, 2013
After many a farewells, the two flew from SLC to Minneapolis then on to Newark, NJ. It was during their brief layover when the couple received an email from the moving management informing them their belongings would not, in fact, be delivered the following day. This seemed particularly odd, as they had confirmed the delivery just earlier that same morning. In fact, they had been told their things were awaiting them in the company’s storage already in NYC. Well, that obviously wasn’t the case. Their things were still making their way across the country; the van was reportedly in Chicago.

Well, that’s where they ran into a problem or two. To start, the movers were more than a bit vague about expectations and unusually slow to communicate, if ever. Nothing was clear. There were phone calls and emails Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There was mention of the truck possibly arriving late Friday afternoon, other moments when it was to arrive the following week, but none of that wasn’t certain. Silly movers. Alas, the movers were able to confirm that the truck would arrive Saturday. Only, the couple’s building does not permit weekend move-ins in order to maintain a livable environment, so delivery was scheduled for Monday January 6—this time “for sure”, apologies, etc. Hurrah!

As a side note, it’s a good thing the husband was a thinker. He’d prearranged to have an air mattress delivered to their apartment prior to their December 30 move-in. That and he also had a “surprise for his wife” Black Friday 60” TV delivered in advance as well… that’s a story for later. Ha. Mattress/bed + TV… what else does a man need?

[You see those flowers on the counter? Sweet Bry had flowers waiting for me when we arrived.]

[What a sweetheart. Thoughtful and loving, as always. Love him mucho.]

Well the good news was that with no things there was no unpacking. What else could they do but play? (Of course playing also included setting up the TV and eventually an entertainment center—also pre-ordered by the husband). The couple explored their apartment building and neighborhood, checked out the local grocer, and finally saw Disney’s Frozen. They played pool in the apartment’s billiards room, worked out, had an epic pizza and 3-D movie night, watched the New Year’s fireworks from their high rise apartment window. They ventured into the heart of NYC where they reminisced as they strolled the holiday-adorned streets, walked along Macy’s and Saks’ festive story telling window displays—one about a dreaming little boy the other about a Yeti—watched skaters and admired the tree at the Rockefeller Center, explored the American Girl Doll store, grabbed a bite, and of course tried to win the Wicked lottery. … there were 250+ people there. And though they didn’t win, they still had a marvelous time.

Macy's Holiday Windows

The Rockefeller Tree and Rink

Sak's holiday windows about a Yeti? ...both creepy and hilarious.

American Girl, Josefina

Times Square

Again, keep in mind that woven amongst their fun were the before mentioned ongoing negotiations and often frustrating communication with the movers… If asked, the couple might describe the moving management as unhelpful. OK, they were downright difficult. Yes, the Monday move-in was eventually confirmed, but this wasn’t set until late Thursday. But, that’s ok. They had hope and said lots of prayers.

Thursday January 2, 2014
Hercules. Yes, Hercules. Hercules is the name of the winter storm that was on course for the city Thursday through the weekend. As the poor husband became ill Thursday through Sunday, it was the sweet wife who ventured out into the cold to buy “emergency” water in light of the fast approaching storm. She may or may not have an obsession with emergency preparedness. Fast forward to store: Turns out she was not the only emergency preparedness obsessed. The store was packed; it was a mass exodus for food and water. For a moment it appeared as though all water was gone; eventually, she located and purchased the very last water bottles store. Literally, the last water.

So, aside from assuring you that the couple has water storage, why mention Hercules? Enter couch. What you do not know yet is that the husband had also scheduled a couch to be delivered the Monday they arrived—as in Monday December 30. Due to some complications, however, the delivery people asked to reschedule for Friday January 3. Normal. Expected. No worries. That being said, the couple was looking forward to having a place to sit aside from the air mattress. Then comes Hercules. Due to the severe storm watch thanks to Hercules, all deliveries were cancelled in advance for that Friday; so the couple was informed on Thursday that the couch, too, would be delivered Monday and not Friday. 

And here's "Hercules" come morning...

As for Hercules… quite the letdown. ha. Apparently the bulk of the storm hit MA instead. 

[Please note that it is ok to start laughing if you haven’t already. This isn’t a sob story. Far from it. This, my friend, is a comedy!]     

Righto. Onward to Monday…

Monday January 6, 2014
First day of the new position! Delivery day! The movers were coming—“really this time”! It had been confirmed again that very morning. The couch, too, was on its way. So much was happening! It was thrilling! So the husband headed to the office and the wife awaited the deliveries.

1:30PM, the wife received a call from her husband who informed her that he’d just received word that the movers would not be coming. Apparently the movers sent him a brief email stating that the movers would not deliver according to plan… or according to second plan. And that was that. They did not even mention of a plan to reschedule. Well, the husband being more than less than impressed gave the movers a call to figure out what was going on and when they could expect to receive their things. (At this point it had been a month.) After some serious digging, the husband finally learned that the location of their belongings was unknown. Not unknown as in somewhere between Chicago and New Jersey… but unknown as in the movers had lost their shipment. Wait, what? How do you lose a shipment like that? Awkward.

[Don’t forget you’re supposed to be laughing. We are still laughing…]

Ok, so no movers. How about that couch though? Spoiler alert: it arrived. Yay! The couch was scheduled to be delivered between 2-6PM. It didn’t arrive until 6:15PM… nearly gave the wife heart failure as her husband really really really wanted “a victory” as he called it. He also really really wanted something to sit on. 

...who knew couches came in boxes? Not me.

Yay for a victory! The husband was so excited about the couch  (aka a victory) that he even insisted on setting it up before watching the college finals. That’s a very big deal. Mattress/bed + TV/entertainment center + couch… ok, now what else does a man need?

To be continued… oh, and it does gets better. Dun… dun… dun…

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