A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 3 and Finale

What do you say to wrapping up this tale? 

Let’s see, where were we? Ah, that’s right: no water, one elevator, and one very lost moving shipment (as in our entire shipment of belongings, missing). Oh and the building lobby/main floor looked like this:

And this:

And this:

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Shall we continue?

Part 3: (For Part 1 click Here and for Part 2 Here)

Wednesday January 8, 2014
You’ll remember the following email from the end of Part 2.

Email received at 6:52AM
Subject: Update - no water

I am sorry to report that due to further damages that were suffered as a result of the pipe burst yesterday in the North Tower, we have lost an additional piece of mechanical equipment overnight that pumps water up to both towers. We do not have water into the residential floors of both towers at the current time, although there is water at lower levels which is pumped in with street pressure.

We understand the impact of this issue completely and the major inconvenience that it causes to you and your families. We are doing everything possible to get the water pump system back up and running. We are coordinating bathrooms and access to all common areas of our sister property.

The elevator company was successful in restoring one elevator car in the north tower overnight. They are working on restoring the other two cars still. There will be delays on North Tower elevators this morning. South Tower elevators were not impacted.

I will continue to send updates as I receive information.

-Management Team

[SO glad to have showered the night before while we had water. Again, also grateful for our water storage. Shout out to emergency preparedness.]

Email received at 2:11PM
Subject: North Tower Update

Dear North Tower Residents: 

Water has been restored to both towers.  Since the water pump system was down this morning, it may take some time for the hot water to reach all of the apartments, but the entire system is up and running.  If you are currently experiencing only cold water, please let your hot water run for a few minutes as this hot water needs to circulate throughout the floor levels of both towers.

One (1) elevator has remained in service in the North Tower and we expect no additional issues or shut downs with this particular car.  In addition, parts that were ordered yesterday afternoon in order for the elevator vendor to restore the other two (2) cars and have started to arrive on-site.  The elevator vendor will remain on-site to get full services back in order as quickly as possible.  We do not have an ETA on full restoration of elevators, but constant progress is being made.

Dinner will be provided again tonight in the lobby for you. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding. We will send another eblast out with any further updates as the day progresses.

-Management Team

So things were actually starting to take a turn for the better. Hurray.

As for the lost shipment, well that remained lost. The moving company was apparently “trying” to locate their belongings [remember it’s a story about a couple], but seeing as they were largely unresponsive and showed little—if any—urgency for finding the shipment the husband decided seek out assistance from his company’s moving/HR guys. [The movers actually have a contract with Bryan’s employer, which is again why we went with this company in the first place.] Within, oh say maybe an hour of contacting these guys the moving company suddenly placed the shipment. [How amusing.] They were suddenly also available to deliver the shipment the very next day. Well, that would be great if the crate or “moving elevator” was, in fact, working at the apartment. You remember they have to schedule that elevator as well? Yeah. Cool.

So the day went on… updates continued… when somehow—though the crate elevator was not yet working—the apartment management insisted the elevator would be working and available for the following afternoon. So the couple scheduled the elevator and confirmed a move -in time for Thursday January 9 between 1-4PM.

Thursday January 9, 2014
Elevator? Check. Sometime overnight the mechanics got the crate elevator up and running again. [I love miracles.] Two of the three elevators were working.

Water? Well…

Email received at 2:47PM
Subject: Update

Dear Residents – 

We need to have one of our vendors replace a faulty piece of equipment in our plumbing system so that we can ensure everyone's continued comfort tonight. The vendor needs to do a temporary shut down of the water system this afternoon to make this urgent and necessary equipment exchange.

There will be no water into both North and South Towers for approximately 1.5 hours today, starting at approximately 3:00 pm today until approximately 4:30 pm today.  When the system is back on, there will be a delay in hot water delivery and there may be some discoloration of initial water flow. Please run the faucets in your apartment home to pull the hot water back into your area once the system is back on. Delays may be up to 30 minutes.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 

-Management Team

And, the movers? Obviously questionable. Was this actually going to happen? Would they actually show? Tick… tock… tick… tock… they did. They came. The movers actually came! [Oh happy day. Another miracle!]

[You may want to join me in loudly singing “Miracles Happen” form Princess Diaries. This definitely deserves it.]

In no time at all, three burly men moved all of the couple’s belongings into their 48th floor apartment (via elevator). 


At long last, the couple was actually moved in. Well, kind of. I suppose they still needed to unpack. That and the movers had lost the hardware to their bed and so were sending guys back the following day—Friday—to put it back together… But seriously, they couldn’t have cared less at that moment. They were completely content. A great finish to a rather turbulent move. And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

But wait! Here a few more emails you may enjoy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Email received at 9:50AM
Subject: Temporary water disruption today

Dear Residents-

There will be a temporary water disruption today for a few hours. This will take place from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm as the plumbing vendor finalizes necessary emergency repairs today. We will send another eblast when the water is restored this afternoon. Thank you so much for your continued understanding. 

-Management Team

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Email received at 5:25 PM
Subject: North Tower Elevator

One of the North tower elevators is down. [One of two that were working.] The vendor has been notified and the repairs are scheduled to take place soon.

-Management Team

Thursday, January 23, 2014
This is by far my favorite…

Email received at 1:57 PM
Subject: Unattended cooking resulting in fire alarms

Dear Residents –

If you should ever experience an individual smoke detector alarm in your apartment for any reason, such as unattended cooking or over-cooking, it is important to realize that if the smoke from your apartment reaches the common area hallway, the fire alarm for the entire tower will sound.  If this type of small, non-threatening issue should take place in your home, air out your apartment by opening your windows, not the front door that leads to the common hallway of your floor. 

Please let us know if you should have any questions.

- Management Team

I’m sure I’ve missed one or two emails, but I think you get the general gist of our real life comedy. Talk about one an adventure. Whew. I don’t know that I’ll ever stop laughing about all that’s happened. I'm told this is the only time this apartment complex has ever had any such issues. Apparently the only other time residents recall having any building problems was when they had no power due to Hurricane Sandy; I suppose that's acceptable.  

Well, I suppose I'll end with assuring you all that we are in good spirits and loving life here in New Jersey. We are also now unpacked and truly moved into our apartment. Yay! 

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