A Series of Unfortunate Events Part 2

Before continuing with our epic tale of moving, let’s take a minute to review.

Movers: Two scheduled and confirmed delivery dates cancelled at the last minute.
Shipment status: Lost. Literally, lost. As in the movers admitted to not knowing where the shipment had gone. 
Couch: Victory! Successfully delivered... after two previously cancelled delivery dates.

Right then, moving on with our story.

Part 2: [For Part 1 click Here and for Part 3 Here)
Tuesday January 7, 2014
The events that transpired Tuesday January 7 are perhaps best depicted through the string of emails the couple received during the day. Keep in mind this is but one day after they discovered their movers had lost their shipment of belongings. [I say this not as a woe is me, but to add to the humor of all that transpired.]

Email received at 7:18AM
Subject: North Tower- Sprinkler Riser Leak

North Tower Residents-
[There is a South Tower and North Tower. We are “North Tower Residents”.]

At approximately 6:00 AM there was a sprinkler riser leak on floor 10 that caused a major leak. The main water valve to the building was shut off. We do not have water this morning in North Tower.

Elevator services were also terminated by the JC Fire Dept as a fire / life safety preventative measure due to water at the power source of the elevators. [Remember how we live on the 48th floor.]  All necessary vendors are in route to get repairs done ASAP. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

We do have eight (8) vacant apartments in the South tower that can be used for bathing this morning if you wish. Please stop down to the concierge desk for a key and further direction. 

As an additional FYI, our lobby has approximately 1/2 inch of standing water at the current time, so please be very careful.

We will send more updates as information and approximate times of restorations are provided to us.

- Management Team

Email received at 7:41AM
Subject: No Water both North and South Towers and no elevators North Tower

The fire dept shut ALL main water valves off for now. There is no water in both towers.  We do not know restoration time for water or the restoration time for the North Tower elevators but will send an update via email as soon as we do.

Please refrain from calling for updates on these services as we are trying to keep phone lines cleared for emergencies and for vendor coordination. We will send updates via eblast as soon as we know more info.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We can assure you that we are working hard to get everything back in order as soon as possible.

- Management Team

[Good thing we felt inspired to stock up on water storage before the move as well as when snowstorm “Hercules” was threatening the city.]

Email received at 8:38AM
Subject: Domestic Water is ON

Dear Residents – 

Water services have been restored in both North and South Tower apartment homes.  You may experience slow flow at first or perhaps some initial discoloration. Please open all valves in your home - sinks and showers - and allow the water to run into your individual apartment again. 

We sincerely apologize again for the temporary disruption of service. And we thank you for your understanding.

- Management Team


Email received at 8:43AM
Subject: North Tower Elevators

North Tower Residents -

Two technicians from the elevator company are on-site to work on restoring elevator services. We are awaiting an update from them on an estimated time of restoration. They are here and are working hard to get the cars back in service. We will send another update as soon as we know more. Thank you.

- Management Team

Email received at 9:53 AM
Subject: Water restoration

I have been informed water has NOT been reaching your apartment home. I apologize for the continued delay and the initial communication that water was restored.  Once water is confirmed restored I will send another email out to let you know. Thank you.

- Management Team

[So no water. Psych.]

Email received at 10:43AM
Subject: Water is back ON

Dear residents -

We have true confirmation that domestic water services have been restored to ALL units in BOTH towers.  There will likely be initial discoloration and water temperatures may not be too hot just yet. Boiler systems have been reset so water will be brought back up to hot temperatures. Thank you again for your understanding.

- Management Team

[WATER! Really this time! HURRAY!]

Entertaining string of emails there, huh?

So how did this couple handle their day? Well, seeing how the elevators weren’t working the husband walked down the many flights of stairs to get to work and the wife was stranded. Ok, not stranded, just unwilling to go down then back up the 48 floors to their apartment (technically 47 as they don’t have a 13 due to superstition). *Ahem* Lazy alert! [I fully admit it.] And yet, in the wife’s defense she had started to feel slightly ill…

Come 6PM the elevators were still out of commission. At that point the wife was going stir crazy and by some miracle her need for fresh air overpowered her laziness. *Gasp* So at 6PM she ventured out of the apartment and hiked down the 48 ugh 47 flights of stairs. 

The 1/2 inch of standing water in the lobby was gone; and in it’s place, Management was even serving food and drinks—pizza, salad, lasagna, hot cocoa, coffee, pop—for those coming home from their long days and for anyone brave enough to venture down (fuel power for before and/or after the hike). It was all very kind of them. [Too bad it wasn’t gluten free. Hehe.]

Right, so wifey exited the building, her nose hair instantaneously froze, and her eyes ran wet with tears. Brrrr… Oh but the fresh air was delectable. Yes, it was frigid. And yes, she was freezing. But oh how she loved it! [Minus the wind… wind chill factor is a killer. Especially so near the water.]

And that’s that.

Now, you may be surprised to know that there were a number of positive things that came about from the day’s events. Yes, pros. For example, because there were no elevators people were more inclined to be out and about. It was wonderful to see and hear all of the introductions and making of new friends that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. In fact, I was even able to meet an elderly gentleman who lives with his wife on our same floor. He was so friendly too, and even offered for us to knock on their door if ever we need anything.

Another positive thing was the shared laughter. The stairwells were filled with a combination of huffing and puffing and pure laugher. It was hysterical: the smiles, the laughter, the comments of “good luck” and “you can do it”… It was fabulous. Even those that don’t speak English were able to participate through the universal language of laughter.

And finally, I didn’t have to go to the gym. I decided my 48, well 47-floor hike down and back up counted as my workout. What can I say, looks like some good things came from the building fiasco.

Now, tell me this all isn’t completely hilarious?!

But WAIT! There’s more. 

Email received at 9:21PM
Subject: North Tower Update

Dear North Tower Residents,

We have been made aware of intermittent hot water issues over the last few hours, which seem to be isolated to middle floor level locations (floors 17 -24 range). The boiler system vendor and our internal maintenance team technicians are investigating this and will bring resolution to this ASAP. We DO anticipate that domestic water (both hot and cold) will be operable overnight tonight.

Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures have been a major factor in the vendor's capability to restore the elevator services. It is the absolute primary goal at this point for the vendor to get at least one (1) elevator car up and running for us before the peak-morning rush. Unfortunately, there is just no way that we can predict when that will take place. Please trust that literally EVERY resource imaginable has been pulled and will remain on-task until the elevators are fully restored.

We thank you so very much for your understanding as we work diligently to get everything back to normal for you. We will send out further eblasts if there are any changes in the overnight and early morning hours.

- Management Team 

[Water! Yay! I showered immediately just in case the water went out again… turns out it was a good thing I did…]

Wednesday January 8
Another day. Another email. And yet, another adventure.

Email received at 6:52AM
Subject: Update - no water

I am sorry to report that due to further damages that were suffered as a result of the pipe burst yesterday in the North Tower, we have lost an additional piece of mechanical equipment overnight that pumps water up to both towers. We do not have water into the residential floors of both towers at the current time, although there is water at lower levels which is pumped in with street pressure.

We understand the impact of this issue completely and the major inconvenience that it causes to you and your families. We are doing everything possible to get the water pump system back up and running. We are coordinating bathrooms and access to all common areas of our sister property.

The elevator company was successful in restoring one elevator car in the north tower overnight. They are working on restoring the other two cars still. There will be delays on North Tower elevators this morning. South Tower elevators were not impacted.

I will continue to send updates as I receive information.

-Management Team

So let’s review, shall we? 

Movers/shipment: location unknown… not that it’d matter due to the elevator situation

Water: no
Elevators: one [Yay!]
Laughing couple: 100%. Really though, at this point what else can you do? Ha.

In all seriousness though, we are unbelievably grateful for the countless blessings we have been given. We have a home, we have heat, we have food, we have employment, we have family and friends, we have the Gospel, and we have each other. Things, stuff, belongings… they’re all replaceable. Relationships, memories, and people, however… not so much. This hilarious and somewhat disastrous experience will undoubtedly go down as being one of our funniest memories. This experience has further taught us to more fully recognize and appreciate the many wonderful blessings we do have in our lives. Life is good.

Any guesses for what’s next though? Bed bugs maybe? A tornado, broken limbs, maybe Armageddon? Hehe. Kidding.

To be continued.

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