A Weekend in Vegas

Bry and I went to Vegas for a fun weekend getaway. What a treat! We walked the strip, explored the exquisite hotels and shops, relaxed, ate, sweated (Vegas is hot!) and all that good stuff! 

Ethel M's Chocolate Factory:

Botanical Cactus Gardens:

Look! Prickly pears! Like what Baloo eats in The Jungle Book!

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur:

They even had gluten free food for me! Huzzah!

...we were on the "bad guys" team: DRAGON!

Our Vegas winnings:

Impressive, I know. Ha. Yeah, we're not gamblers. 
But we sure liked the carnival-like games at the Excalibur.

The Wynn Buffet:

The chef even came out to give me a personal tour of the many gluten free options!

My sweet, amazing, wonderful husband took me to Caesars Palace to see: Celine!

It has been a longtime dream of mine to see her live! A couple years back Celine came to Salt Lake. My Mom and I got tickets a YEAR in advance. Then, Celine got sick on us and rescheduled for a Sunday... which is our Sabbath. Consequentially, we didn't get to go. 

Now. Can you imagine my excitement?! 
I was in heaven! Seriously, it was like a spiritual experience hearing those phenomenal vocals!
Love Celine!

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