Footloose: Meet and Greet

 My most supportive Husband and Rusty!

My Missy friend!

Willard, Rusty, Ariel, and Ren!

Abby, Urleen, Rusty, and Wendy Jo!

The brother and sisters.

We la-LOVE Brad Hunter!

Susan DeMill, our extraordinary director and friend!

The family! (My Pops was there too.... only somehow he didn't make it in this picture?)

Somewhere there's someone with a perfect view...

Ren's good luck ritual: crimped hair!

Had to save this picture for last! This here sister of mine made my whole Footloose experience!
LOVE her! Thanks Bek!

And thanks to everyone else--Bradway, Perrys, Prices, etc--who supported me! 
Couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you!

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