Footloose: The End

Tired of Footloose yet? Well great news: this is my last Footloose post EVER!!! (...unless, of course, I find some more goodies. But this is it for now.) These last pictures are some I snagged from friends on facebook.

I met this cute gal and her little sister at the initial audition and have adored her since! 
And PLEASE appreciate my epic hair! Oh 80s please make a come back!

Just gettin ready in the dressing room.

Jake's (Ren) pre-show good luck ritual... my hair. 

No one is sure what I'm doing here... do you see my face?!

Oh the awkwardness of Willard and Rusty!


Our costumer, Tracy, MADE my epic skirt! If only I had a close up you could see the bunny print!

Willard finally asked me to the dance!

Ren's big finale dance moment!

Tell me EmmaLee (Ariel) is not a doll?! love this girl!

The end. Officially.

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