Footloose: Act I

Footloose: Company

On Any Sunday: Reverand Moore (Mike Weaver) and Company

The Girl Gets Around: Chuck (Seth Tippetts) and Ariel (EmmaLee Bodell)

I Can't Stand Still: Ren (Jake Taylor)

Somebody's Eyes: Rusty (Yours Truly), Abby (Rebekah Price),
Urleen (Karly Bodell), and Wendy Jo (Charlene Wilde)

Learning to Be Silent: Vi (Carrie Wrigley), Ethel (Natalie Darling), and Ariel

Holding Out for a Hero: Ariel and the Girls

Heaven Help Me: Reverand Moore

I'm Free/Heaven Help Me: Ren, Reverand Moore, and Company

Photography by the amazing Rebecca Mabey

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