Extreme Affordability Conference

Earlier this year, my amazing father helped put on the University of Utah (U of U) School of Medicine's Extreme Affordability Conference, and I got to attend! It was fascinating! The premise of the conference was exploring how to make surgery more affordable and sustainable by combining the expertise of medicine, anthropology, engineering, and many more. Here's my Pop's speaking, 

Isn't he a stud? You should check out his book, Global Surgery and Public Health: A New Paradigm. Clayton Christensen—author of How Will You Measure Your Life—also spoke. Um…brilliant. Who knew he and my dad went back so far? Ok, I did. But apparently he and his wife babysat me when I was a just a wee babe; that I didn't know.

I felt intellectually edified and most grateful to have heard from such brilliantly innovative do-gooders. Mark my words: they are going to save the world. Kudos Dad on a successful and most enlightening conference! 

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