Valentine’s Day

Happy Day of Love… a bit late I know! Still, what a wonderful day it was! First, I woke to find a love note…err notes on our bathroom mirror from Bryan which was the perfect start to my day…

 ...we tend to joke about cheesy pet names (more on that here).  

Then I attacked the car (after searching through the five story car garage at his work with my two sisters) with my own overly cheesy love notes…

Oh, and I have to tell you, throughout the day I also received the cheesiest texts full of ultra sappy love poems and sayings from Bryan. He does it jokingly each Valentine’s Day. And I kind of love him for it.

And finally, my cute husband told me he was going to have to work late (which means really late) but then he surprised me and came home at 6pm with takeout from The Wild Grape! He’s NEVER home that early! I was elated! I still am elated! I really have the best husband! He also bought me a large singing balloon… that I saw from a distance as it detached from the string and got stuck high in a tree when he opened the car door. It was actually pretty funny. He walked in and said, “So… I got you a singing balloon. Only it’s in a tree. So, do you want to come outside to appreciate it?” I about died of laughter. Isn’t he the best? We then had a classy, tasty, and most romantic dinner—just the two of us—followed by the most delectable gluten free strawberry shortcake! Yummy! It was all so perfect! I love my husband! I love my Bryan!

Happy Valentine’s Day!   

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