The Utah Jazz

I surprised Bryan with a bit more elaborate of a date night this weekend: Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat game. Talk about a good game! 99-98 Jazz win! Intense!

Before we get to the game though, let’s talk details. I tricked Bryan into thinking that I’d made dinner reservations at the Gateway Mall for 7pm. And as far as I know, he believed me. Yay. FYI: it’s actually a big deal that I kept the secret seeing as I tend to get sooo excited about things that I… errr… ruin my surprises. But not this time! Right. So, we drove down and parked at the Gateway where I pulled out Bryan’s Jazz and Heat jerseys and insisted he decide which team he was going to root for. I know; I’m as cheesy as they come. But I kinda like that about myself. And well, Bry put on his Jazz jersey and I sported his Heat jersey. We looked dazzling. Then we jaunted over to the Energy Solutions Arena for an intensely exhilarating basketball game!

Now the game. Did I mention that it was intense? I’m being entirely serious. In fact, “intense” is so far from an exaggeration that it may even be an understatement! Did you see the score?! 99 to 98! Games don’t get closer than that! That being said, it’s kind of sad that the game was so close when, at one point, the Jazz had a 74-56 lead. But of course LeBron stepped it up and brought his team back into the game… just not soon enough. Anyway, as I’m sure you can imagine, everyone was on their feet and going crazy! The whole game!  

Do you see that score?! Loved it! 

Ps: I imagine I looked pretty awesome wearing a Dwyane Wade jersey while cheering so enthusiastically for the Jazz. But that’s just fine.

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