University of Utah Gymnastics

Growing up, my Grandparent’s were the most committed and enthusiastic University of Utah Gymnastics tickets holders. They attended every week. Only they didn’t have just two tickets… they had near a dozen. Meaning, each of the cousins was invited on a rotating basis to attend meets with Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and the cousins (who were/are also some of our best friends)! It was pretty much the best thing ever! I loved gymnastics meets! Loved them! Whenever it was my turn, I would get beyond giddy with anticipation of the fun, laughs, and memories for days in advance! And aside from the actual sport, you could always count on three things:
  1. Getting on the jumbotron while dancing to the YMCA. We made it every time with our mad dance skills!
  2. Running around the entire top of the arena at the conclusion of every meet.
  3. And of course, rolling down the outside grassy hill as many times as possible on our way back to the car. 
  4. Ok, I'll add one more... the possibility of a cousin sleepover!
Yeah, it was awesome. Really though: what a brilliant sporting event to take kids to. Why? Because you don’t have to understand a thing to think doing flips, spinning around bars, and jumping on/off beams is cool! Why, I recall wanting to be just like those “cool” gymnasts when I was younger. We’d each pick our favorite gymnast and then we’d pretend to be her for days to follow! Yeah, I loved gymnastics meets; they always topped my week’s highlights. 

Well, turns out my Grandparent’s still attend. Only with how busy everyone is these days, they now have four tickets. And this last weekend, my dear Grandparents generously invited Bryan and me. It was just as I remembered! And I loved it! It was senior night so the audience was given awesome red glow sticks that we all waved around while they presented the team and honored the three graduating athletes.

Then the University of Utah to the vault, Nebraska to the bars. 

University of Utah to the bars, Nebraska to the vault.

University of Utah to the beam, Nebraska to the floor.

University of Utah to the floor, Nebraska to the beam.

It was so much fun! I love the memories and, of course, spending time with my Grandparents!

What a great night! Though I do have to say, I no longer have any desire to be a gymnast. None. Those girls are beyond brave! I think I’d have a heart attack if someone told me I had to flip around two bars over and over and over again… only to flip off and “stick it”. How do they not die?! Or the vault! I can’t imagine sprinting, springing, and then flipping over that! Pretty sure I’d spring right into the vault itself! I don’t know how they do it! I honestly don’t know how they do it. And whose idea was it to see who could balance on a 6” beam anyway? Yeah, they are much braver than me. Much much braver. I felt just great sitting in the stands. Ha. 

What a fun evening though! Ok, so the U didn’t win but that’s fine. In fact, that’s another thing I love about gymnastics meets: everyone cheers for both teams! It’s beautiful really!  

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