Slumber Party

I recently hosted a “grown up” slumber party for my two sisters—Sarah and Tina—and me. It was a blast. It took me back quite a few years and I loved it. Gosh, do you remember how big a deal it was to have sleepovers back in the day? They were the coolest thing ever! At our house sleepovers meant super late nights, yummy treats, movies, and even soda… all of which were the rarest novelties at the Price household. I remember asking (never begging… if you begged the answer was always no) to have a sleepover just about every weekend! I’d ask to have sleepovers with siblings, friends, and cousins! Man, and I agreed to do just about anything to have a slumber party... from doing extra jobs, practicing the piano happily for the whole next week… anything. (Ha, I sure hope my parents milked that for all it was worth.) Oh how I loved sleepovers!   

So, we made pizzas.

Sarah brilliantly located and brought squeezits! Remember squeezits! They were always a favorite drink at sleepovers (and as team treats after soccer games)!

While we ate, we also chatted with the Grandparents.

 This is my Grandma saying, “You're still going to paint your nails! I think it's my bedtime”. Love her!
Sarah took a nice close up of my face...

So I took one of her's...
 Yeah it felt like we were 10-years-old again!

We chatted, boy talked (I’ll give you one guess as two who my crush is… starts with a B and ends with a ryan!), reminisced, did our nails, stayed up way too late, and fell asleep to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

And in the morning, my amazing Grandpa surprised us with a wonderful waffle breakfast! He is the best! 

Yeah, I still LOVE slumber parties! Especially with my darling sisters!

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