Marshmallow Guns

You know how my husband and I are so "grown up" and "mature"? Well, it's no wonder why we spent Bryan's day off the other week making marshmallow guns (which are surprisingly easy to make). Yeah, we're cool.

First stop: the hardware store for 10' of PVC pipe, which is what's sticking out of our car bellow...

Next: the grocery store for drinks... and a free heart sticker from the cashier.

Oh, we also bought this fruit. Just to try. Yeah, it tastes like bathroom cleanser smells...

My baby sister, Steph, joined us for the fun!

We then each took turns sawing and sanding the pipe in my parent's shop.

And finally, the epic results:

And, of course, the epic marshmallow battle:

We even set up targets aka playmobils...
Look at all of the mini marshmallows on the floor! Ha

It was fabulous day. I kind of love marshmallow gun wars!

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