Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Price

About once every year, my Dad’s parents invite just one of their children's family over for a Sabbath dinner. (We have many more extended family dinners and parties with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins throughout the year; but once a year we get to have this intimate dinner where we get our grandparents all to ourselves for an entire evening.) They break out the china, cook the most exquisite cuisine, and just catch up with us. It’s always such a treat. 

This year, however, we turned the conversation on them in order to learn more about their courtship and early years. It was such a blast! In fact, I learned many new things. For one, I learned that my dear Grandmother was actually engaged when she met my Grandpa. Who knew? The story goes as this,

Once upon a time my sweet Grandmother was engaged to a fellow who didn’t treat her like a future husband should. Still, she was unsure what to do; her betrothed was away and she was confused. Around the same time, however, my Grandmother met a dashing young man named Bob who was in medical school. Only his name really wasn’t Bob, but she accidentally called him Bob over and over again because she couldn’t remember his name. He like her. She was engaged. And so the story goes. Now, the two of them loved to dance (remember when people actually danced at dances), and so they’d often see each other at church dances. Grandma loved to dance with many partners throughout the night. “I always loved when you had to fill out a dance card,” she told us. Grandpa, however, had his eyes set on her. Luckily, he was a most talented dancer and a very good lead on the floor. “I could actually follow him,” my Grandma shared with us. Well, sure enough my Grandfather’s amazing dance skills and charm won her heart. My Grandmother called off her wedding, the sparks flew, their love grew, and in no time my Grandfather was down on one knee—“In the bathroom of my apartment,” she added—and the two now live happily ongoing after. Their love really is so beautiful. They are entirely independent, while completely interdependent, and they complement each other  perfectly. They support each other, build each other, serve each other, and live entirely to love each other. 

...not sure how the Grandparents ended up on the floor for this picture.

What a fun dinner. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful Grandparents who set such an amazing example for multiple generations to follow. In fact, I feel so lucky to know all of my Grandparents—my Dad’s and my Mom’s parents—so well. They have all played such an integral role in my upbringing and life. They are each so loving, supportive, and truly wonderful. I hope to be as involved in my children’s and grandchildren’s life’s as they have been in ours. They really are my heroes.

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