So, the other day I was driving with my sisters when we passed by nearly 20 deer. Not an exaggeration. Twenty! With so many, we couldn’t resist the temptation to pull over and observe them for a time.

There we sat, watching twenty deer. Then, my baby sister Steph, had the idea to feed them. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think they’d come anywhere near us seeing as deer tend to be so skittish. But, we got apple slices and sure enough a deer or two came over and ate straight from our hands! It was half exhilarating and half petrifying! 

“Watch your hands,” we kept hissing to each other. “Don’t let them bite you.” 

My sister Sarah was my favorite: she fed a deer who wouldn’t go away. So she very carefully just rolled up the window so it would leave her alone. It was hilarious. 

That's the deer at her window.

And that was our deer adventure. That being said, I’m surprised by how many deer I’ve seen so low in the valley this year—especially with how little snow we’ve gotten. Sure, we see deer every year but I feel like I've seen more than normal. In fact, there are about five deer that regularly hang outside my bedroom window.

Sometimes there's even a large buck with them! It's amazing! Aren’t they cute though? Well… so long as you know they’re there. A time or two I’ve been convinced someone is breaking into the house only to discover a deer, or two, or five peeping in at me. Creepers. No, I'm kidding... about the creepers thing.

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