The Car Wash

I think I’ve told you about my older sister, Elizabeth, before and that she has a mental disability. Well she is an absolute doll; she is an angel. One of the best things about Liz is her ability to find amusement in the most simple of things—such as going through a car wash. For Liz, going through a car wash is synonymous with “adventure”; it is equal to going to a movie or the zoo. And as I’m sure you’ve now suspected, we recently had a car wash adventure. You see, Bryan and my car was in dire need of a wash (especially after Valentine’s Day). Consequentially, I called up my dear sister and invited her to go to the car wash. And what an adventure it was.

We tried out a new car wash, seeing as our regular car wash closed down shop. And well, we couldn’t stop laughing. This new car wash was soooooooooo loud!

“It’s like a tornado!” Liz kept saying as she covered her ears laughing. 

She wasn’t kidding. The car wash didn’t even touch the car… but rather it just sprayed soap and water and even air very forcibly to get off all the grime. sister Bekah came too! Party!

Liz laughed and laughed, “What a stupid car wash! It was like a tornado!” Then she laughed, and laughed, and laughed… and laughed… and laughed some more. And we’re still laughing about it to this day. It really is the little things in life. Love her.  

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