Bryan's Dream Car

I was going through my pictures today when I came across these:

Why yes, that is a truck with a built in TV and grill...

Explanation: Bryan and I joined his sister Annie, Mom, and Annie's friend Ryan to the Car Show a month or so back. And though I admit, I'm not much of a car person (if it runs, is gas efficient, and can safely get me from point A to point B then I'm pretty content), I found the Car Show pretty entertaining. No, it was actually a blast! Who knew there were so many cool car gadgets and such?! As for Bryan, well, while he's pretty low maintenance about owning a car, he sure loves to look at them. And so of course, when he happened upon this truck with it's built in TV and grill—aka tailgating paradise—he thought he'd stumbled upon heaven. Ha. Honestly though! Will you look at that thing! Do people actually buy such vehicles? I just don't know. Pretty sweet!

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