So I went under the knife last month… had my gall bladder removed… you know, normal stuff. Sometimes I think that while I have the external body of a 25-year-old I, in fact, have the internal body of an 80-year-old. Eh, that’s fine.

Right, so after months of nausea and increasing pain, I finally went into the doctor. Now my gall bladder is gone, history, a thing of the past…. which is why I tend to avoid those folks… doctors I mean. No I’m kidding. The surgery went well, though. I had my amazing husband there with me the whole while; and even my parents joined us later in the morning! Love my fam!

 …do I look drugged or what?! Ha. Anesthesia + Percocet.... 

Having my gall bladder removed was wonderful. Clarification: having my gall bladder removed is wonderful. The immediate post-operative recovery was a bit uncomfortable—migraine, nausea, a bit of pain, etc—but by two weeks out I was snowmobiling in Yellowstone here and here! I honestly haven’t felt this good in months! And everyone was so supportive: Bryan, my parents who came by every day, my siblings, Grandparents, in-laws, friends, and even my church leaders. I really am so blessed to have such loving supports in my life. Thank you to everyone for your love, time, service, notes, flowers, and of course chocolate. 

 Thanks again! Love you all.

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