Old Faithful in Winter

After a most stunning Saturday venture, I didn’t think Yellowstone could (or would) get any better. Well, this is Yellowstone we’re talking about… Yellowstone doesn’t disappoint. Sunday was the snowmobiling day trip to see the infamous geyser, Old Faithful, against the breathtaking backdrop of a white winter.

Bald Eagle:

Golden Eagle:
 ...I am still astounded as to how our guide spotted that!

One massive eagles nest:



 ...yes that's me.

Story: Yes that’s a wolf there! It was a mistake that we saw it even! Well…maybe not a mistake. What I mean is, on our lil snowmobiling adventure we stopped a lot. Mostly for animals. In fact, every time our guide slowed it became second nature to start searching for the animal sighting. So here we are driving along when our guide started to slow, and then stop. Instinct kicked in: Where’s the animal? I thought. Then I saw it: an animal running but a distance away. A black wolf! I was elated!" Everyone was elated. The wolf kept running and within a few minutes was gone. Only then did our guide comment how grateful she was that I saw it. What? I thought. 
"I didn’t see it, you did." I stated.
"Actually I stopped because this is a beautiful scenic spot. I was looking in the opposite direction," she replied. 

Now tell me that’s not hilarious. Confession: I was hoping and arduously searching for a wolf all the daylong! It was the number one animal I wanted to see! I’d even held a small, but sincere prayer in my heart that we’d see one… which just goes to show that God hears even the most simple of prayers. Ah, but a wolf! How spectacular!

And this is the scenic site our guide was stopping for: 

The same wolf popped back up for a second...

Look at all the buffalo tromping along right in front of the brewing Old Faithful.

Old Faithful:
 ...and buffalo.

Lower basin geysers, mud pots, and hot pots:

I believe they said the water here was +150 degrees F:

On the ride out of the park, I had to drive right along a few herds of buffaloes! It was... a very intimate experience to be so close to those massive beasts. And by intimate, I mean I would have like a bit more space. I thought about playing chicken with them, but didn't get around to it. Maybe next time... kidding.

One of my favorite trips ever! Really though! Thank you Yellowstone for the good times!

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