The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Remember how I won a trip to Yellowstone at the Utah State Fair here! Well, we finally went over President’s Day weekend! In a word: AMAZING! We took two day trips into the immaculate National Park, the first by snowcoach and the second by snowmobile. Both were beautiful! Both were adventures! Saturday we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone by snowcoach.


Now...if you look ever so carefully you can see a Bald Eagle in the tree bellow:

Pretty sure we saw at least 1,000 buffalo on our journey... and I'm not kidding!

There was the cutest Australian family (Dad, Mom, girl, boy) with us and the adorable little boy kept shouting out the window "Hello buffalo!" in the most fantastic Australian accent!

 ...always grateful for those.

Story: Mid-morning, our driver/guide dropped us off for a lovely cascade walk along the cliffs and snowbanks. Then, just as he drove out of sight and around the bend, a large entourage of buffaloes decided to join our party. Not going to lie, they were a bit too close for comfort. I was certain someone was about to be impaled by one of those beasts! But, we survived. Happy day.

Action shot:


We actually got out of the car to see the bellow hot pot when we just happened to notice the coyote! 

This was one of the most serene and yet eerily silent places I've ever been!

Action shot:

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone:

And of course...another buffalo blocking our path. Love it!
Look! That's even the adorable Australian boy in the front shouting "Hello Buffalo"!

Fourteen miles from the exit, our snowcoach actually broke down... ha... which prolonged our park adventure by a good hour or so! What a wonderful escapade! Really though, it was truly a spectacular day! Stunning scenery! Amazing animals! Beautiful snow! And the most wonderful husband! 

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