Grandma Mimi

Before leaving California, Bryan and I made a visit to see his wonderful Grandma Mimi. Like Grandma Jackson, Grandma Mimi is a legend. She is so fun and witty, and she means the world to Bryan. We visited, played Scrabble, and visited some more.

She is an angel. And seeing as she couldn’t make it to our wedding last year, she had some wedding advice for me this year. As we were readying to go she pulled me close and whispered, “The sweeter you are, the easier it gets”. How true that is in every aspect of life. “The sweeter you are, the easier it gets.” It may sound very simple, but in reality it is quite profound. And though I’m sure in theory we all know that, it is in the practice of her words that really counts. What a wise and wonderful woman. I feel truly blessed to have finally met the infamous Grandma Mimi.

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