1 Year Anniversary

Seeing as we were already in Southern California for Grandma Jackson's funeral, we decided to stay for a few more days to celebrate our one year anniversary (which was actually the same day as the funeral)! And so we played some at the beach, the San Diego Zoo, and of course Disneyland! It was wonderful. The beach:

The San Diego Zoo:

"Jungle Bells" as they call them... get it?!

And, of course, Disneyland... which turns out to be even more magical over the holidays!

First stop: Indiana Jones!

I'm not kidding when I say that Indiana Jones is my favorite ride! Really though! I love it! And again, I'm not kidding when I say I have many fond memories surrounding Indiana Jones.

1. Growing up my Dad often worked abnormal and long hours. He's a surgeon and in the early days of training I didn't get to see him every day. And while I'm so appreciative for his hard work and love for my family, I also loved my Daddy-daughter time. Now, at my home growing up we never watched TV and seldom would watch movies. On occasion, however, when my Dad would get home late he would watch a movie in the basement to unwind. Lucky for me, the room with the TV neighbored my bedroom so I often was able to give him a late night hug. It was always very brief. I'd say hi, give him a hug, receive a kiss, and then I was back to bed. Then, one evening I went in to say hi to my Dad. It was the usual routine then back to bed, only this time when I neared the door my Dad asked, "Want to watch this with me?"
I was shocked! But I far from hesitated, "Yes!" I exclaimed.
"Want some ice cream too?"
Now I was shocked! Ice cream, movie, late night, and a daddy-daughter hang out. I felt like I was dreaming! "Really?"
He wasn't kidding. I received a beautiful serving of ice cream and sat down with my Dad for a memorable evening. And as I'm sure you've guessed, the movie was Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. At that point in my life, that was probably the most "grown up" and relatively scary movie I'd ever seen. But I loved it. I was Dad's buddy! I knew that he now viewed me as a big kid: ice cream and a movie! This was big! It was epic. I've never forgotten that night! I loved my Dad so much, and I love him even more now! He will always be one of my best friends.

2. After watching Indiana Jones with my Dad I soon discovered that my cousin, Michael, too loved this movie. As did my hilariously awesome uncle, Russel. And so growing up Michael, Russ, and I would watch the trilogy at cousin sleepovers! Sometimes, if we were really lucky, we'd even do a marathon and watch all three in one night! I loved hanging out with Michael and Russ, and watching those movies. Russ would make the most hysterical impersonations and Michael and I would laugh and laugh. It was wonderful! Cousin sleepovers were the best!

3. And finally, a story regarding the ride itself. In 2007, my dear cousin and sister made a Disneyland trip with me. It was just Laura, Rebekah, and me. And it was amazing! Truly amazing! Two of my best friends and blood at Disneyland with me. It was all perfect. Well, the three of us loved the Indiana Jones ride. A lot. And we were there at a not too busy time of year: aka short lines. Very short lines. So short, in fact, that we were able to ride Indiana Jones 11 times in a row before noon! Yes, 11 times. It never got old! And after riding it so many times we may have even memorized the ride soundtrack... the somewhat operatic part... And well... we may have sung along a couple of times... It couldn't be helped. And well... after one of our epic Indiana Jones adventures we began to exit the car when a very grumpy middle aged women--obviously there with some friends--called us a nasty four letter word due to our singing. It was both shocking and hilarious all at once. I had no response. Neither did Bekah. Laura, my dear and witty cousin, however, piped back "So glad to see you're having fun at the happiest place on earth." And we left. It was hilarious. And memorable. Don't some people scream during entire rides, including the Indiana Jones ride? I know I have before. It seemed a few notes here and there would be nothing compared to shrill screaming. Well, I've never forgotten that moment: the shock and the humor. Ok, so maybe we shouldn't have said anything. But it was still hilarious. Haha. And I still love that ride!

The Haunted Mansion was even decked out in The Nightmare Before Christmas decor!

Story: I don't know if you've been to the Haunted Mansion... or even Disneyland before. But this is the Haunted Mansion in which you first have to go into a creepy "elevator" for your initial "instructions". For an adult, it's comically creepy. For a child, however, it's terrifying. And this isn't even the ride yet. Well, we got into the "elevator", the lights dimmed, the creepy voice/music starts, and a child begins to scream. My first thought was, Hmmm I don't remember this screaming child being part of the soundtrack. Then it hit me: it was a real child! A poor, terrified little girl had lost it with shear terror! "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" she kept screaming! "GET ME OUTTTTTTT!" It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. I almost cried for her. Luckily, she didn't continue to the actual ride. But when Bryan and I exited, we passed by the still crying little girl. Note to self: do not take young children into the Haunted Mansion.

Who knew you could get so wet from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Happiest place on earth!

Captain EO aka Michael Jackson's most epic adventure and performance!
 How had I never seen this before?!

Now for the Buzz Lightyear ride...and another story. It took quite a lot of convincing to get Bryan to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride. He wasn't sure if it was worth the wait (which surprised me seeing as he is the Toy Story fan whereas I'm not). I, on the other hand, knew this was a must ride! After all, you shoot things during the whole ride with the intent of getting as many points as possible! It's fantastic! But finally, Bryan humored me.

I loved it. A lot. Bryan seemed to enjoy it some. We then moved onto other rides for a time. Then, some hour or so later Bryan turned to me and asked, "Can we do the Buzz Lightyear ride again?" 
I was confused. He liked it? "You want to?" I asked.
"I have to beat my score! I have to get above a Space Scout." 
Oh my adorably competitive husband. Ha! Tell me you don't love him. And so we returned. We shot. And again, we both got Space Scout. Had it not been getting so late I am convinced he would have insisted we try again. He was brave, however, and has tucked away his need to move up a level... until next time.

 It's A Small World at Christmas:

 Tell me that's not magical?!

This ride was one of Bryan's greatest childhood fears:

Oh and I have to share the story of Space Mountain. Simply put, I've never heard Bryan laugh as hard as he did during the entire ride! And that's the truth! The ride started: a roller coaster all in the dark... or Space. Then, in but seconds, my husband began to laugh... and laugh... and laugh. Hearing him laugh made me laugh... and laugh... and laugh. He sounded like a lunatic! It was hilarious! Finally, when back in the lighted unloading area I looked over to see his cheeks covered by tears of laughter! He was crying he was laughing so hard!
"That is the stupidest ride in the entire world!" he laughed. "Think about it! You're being thrown around in the dark! How stupid is that?" he kept laughing. And crying. And I about died too! The whole concept of a roller coaster... especially in the dark is hilarious! The whole idea of rides! Humans are ridiculous! The fact that we allow some machinery to throw us around for the sake of entertainment is downright hilarious! And I love it! Love my husband!

 Look what a year of marriage has taught us: teamwork! Isn't that what marriage is all about? Working together! How precious! Ha. I am kidding.

We ended the evening watching the beautifully magical show, Fantasmick! It's fantastic! Mickey dominates his nightmares in an epic show with music, fireworks, fire, water, ships, villains, dancing, many of the Disney characters, and so much more! It may very well be my favorite parts of Disneyland!

Happy One Year Husband! You are the best thing that's ever happened to me! Love you sooooooooo much!

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