Unexpected Reunion

Growing up I found myself being raised alongside seven of the most upstanding ladies: Missy, Anne, Grace, Kimberly, Alison, Karen, and Mary. We grew up in just a two block radius, attended church and school together, and made countless memories. It’s been so fun to see where life has taken each of these amazing gals. Between us we have attained bachelors and masters, danced professionally, begun "grown up" jobs, traveled from Argentina to Mongolia and Switzerland to Ethiopia, some dated, some even married, others served missions, a few have lived abroad, and some have even gone down the baby road… which is what inspired this post as we recently had a baby shower for the lovely Anne—the first to get pregnant! She looked so good! Love her to pieces! She was my first friend when I moved from Boston to Utah so long ago! We went out for McDonald Happy Meals one day and our friendship was sealed. Love her. In addition to being able to see her I was able to see six of the seven girls I adore! Great turnout right?!  

...this one was taken just before Mary showed up.

Seven of the Eight of us! MP3 for life!
Left to right: yours truly, Karen, Mary, Grace, Alison, Kimberly, and Anne)

Our Missy was the only one missing as she lives in San Fran with her cute husband. We missed her! Still, I loved seeing my girls. Aren’t they all so beautiful! Seven of eight! I was elated. Oh, and congrats to Anne!

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