Savior of the World

Bryan and I saw the musical Savior of the World tonight with my Grandparents down by Temple Square. It was the perfect way to start the Christmas season. The first half of the musical details the miraculous story of Christ’s birth; it is essentially an elaborate portrayal of the traditional nativity scene. The second half then accounts the happenings following Christ’s death and resurrection. It was an amazing performance: inspiring, spiritual, tear jerking, full of love and at times pain, but ultimately it was a play professing hope and charity. And throughout the whole production there were angels watching from above—visible to the audience but unknown to the characters—reminding all how close heaven really is.

I love how much life and depth this immaculate musical portrayal gives to those who knew and loved the Savior: Mary and Joseph, Mary Magdalene, Elizabeth and Zacharias, the angels, the Apostles, the shepherds, and so many more. The intimate interactions and cherished relationships the different characters shared with the Savior helped me to better understand the connection I too can have with Him. Thus, though the play was about how the Savior influenced individuals years ago, it was also about how He can lead and guide each of us today.

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