The Nutcracker

I want to say that it was almost a year ago when I mentioned to Bryan that I wanted to see The Nutcracker. I was maybe eight the last time I saw it and have recently yearned to experience its magic again. Well, he did one of those halfway dude answers where you wonder if he really heard you… that or you wonder if he didn’t want to hear you. Ha. You know the one? Well, now fast forward to today…or at least this holiday season. Let’s see, about two weeks ago my husband sent me an email invite for a surprise date. Now you have to know that I am one tough cookie to surprise. I have a knack for figuring things like this out. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I have figured out surprises before they happen. And it’s not even because I’m trying! Really though, I love being surprised! Love it! But for whatever reason I always seem to stumble upon the answer. Kind of bummer right? This time, however, I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. No idea. Bry gave me but one clue: “A holiday cultural event”. In retrospect it seems pretty obvious, right? Keep in mind, however, that I had no idea that he remembered I wanted to see The Nutcracker, let alone that he would actually humor me by taking me to this ballet! Well, I am married to a real man for The Nutcracker was exactly what he had planned! I was ecstatic! Truly ecstatic! In fact, I think I was as bouncily giddy as all the little ballerinas who also attended! So am I married to a stud or what? (rhetorical obviously) I love how thoughtful Bryan is. And I love how appreciative he is of the arts… and really everything. I mean, this is a ballet! But no, he didn’t complain. I think he was as excited to take me as I was to go! I’m sooooooo lucky!

Aside from the fantastically thoughtful company, the ballet was to die for! It really is such a magical production! I loved the dances, the music, the buffoons, and of course the Sugarplum Fairy.. can I be her? Oh wait, dance and I don’t really mesh. The performers really were so talented though, and had such amazing control over their movements and bodies. I was truly awestruck. And I was in heaven. What a lovely date thanks to my amazing husband!

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