Grandma Jackson

Bryan’s sweet Grandma Jackson passed away last week, and today was her funeral. Consequentially, we headed down to Southern California to say goodbye to her with her loving family. It was a beautiful setting for a funeral. The weather couldn’t have been better: warm and sunny. The actual service was held at the cemetery. We then gathered under a tent where we had a wonderful program. It was truly one of the most beautiful, yet simple funeral programs. There were a few musical numbers and then time enough for anyone and everyone to share their favorite memories and stories of Grandma Jackson. It was particularly warming for me to hear about this revered woman who has played such a big role in Bryan and his family’s lives. It was truly wonderful. She was, and is truly wonderful. I didn’t share a story as I never had the chance to meet her. Still I have a story I’d like to share here. The story of how she lived life to the end.

Following the funeral, the ladies of the Jackson family went through Grandma Jackson’s large collection of jewelry. I was invited to select jewelry myself, however, I declined seeing as I never actually met her and I felt her daughters and granddaughters should have those items. Only when everyone had taken everything they wanted was I then persuaded into taking just one piece myself: a ring. A beautiful ring. Upon picking it up, one of Grandma Jackson’s daughters shared that the ring was actually ordered the week of Grandma Jackson’s death. The ring itself, however, didn’t arrive until after she had passed away. I knew this was the piece of jewelry for me. To me it demonstrated how she not only endured, but that she lived right down to the end. What a wonderful example. What a wonderful woman. Thank you Grandma Jackson for not only the ring, but the reminder to live.  

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