Gingerbread Houses

Just so you know, I’m about to let you in on what may very well be my most favorite family tradition: gingerbread houses. I know, this is big. After all, “favorite” is quite the label. But it is true. I have so many fond memories of the time I have spent with my family baking, preparing, cutting, gluing together, and then decorating these masterpieces. Thus, let’s discuss gingerbread houses. For as long as I can remember my parents have annually hosted gingerbread decorating, and I love it. We love it. They’re a lot of work… but the fun kind of work. After all, they’re made completely from scratch! The windows are even made of lollipop! We’re legit. And each year we each get to create our very own masterpiece. We have had all wrapper houses, traditional candy houses, houses with army men catching Santa, all frosting houses, you name it… This year was another fun filled decorating year of an assortment of designs.

Kix! Brilliant! Not to mention the smiley face! Love it Michelle!

Each year my cute sister Liz meticulously makes this lovely patterned roof of green and red m & ms. She spends literally hours on hers. And they are always so beautiful.

Isn't Sarah's roof sweet?! Not to mention her spikes! Ha. Love it!

I love Tina's roof! It's gorgeous! Her house is like a winter wonderland.

Steph's path is so fun! I love her landscaping! Especially her "wood" pile made of pretzels.

You can't help but love Bekah's creativity! Hers are always so fun! What you can't see in this picture are the many ice cream cones she has placed up side down on her roof! Epic.

This bridge was no easy feat!

The chimney was Bryan's creative genius.

Ours was a team effort.

Aren't my siblings all so creative?! I love the variety and uniqueness of each house! By the end of the night the table, floor, chairs, faces, clothes...everything is coated in sticky sugary goodness! We make a big mess and love every second of it. It's all worth it!

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