The Cabin

The day after Christmas, Bryan and I joined my family for a lovely cabin escape at my Grandparent's cabin. It was lovely. We drank hot cocoa, played games, and sat by the fire.

We snowmobiled, hiked, went sledding, snow wrestled, and bum slid down the mountain.

 Brave Tina even hiked some though she'd had surgery just a week or so earlier!


And we of course visited the haunted cabin (dun dun dun). It's become a cabin tradition to visit this creepy, rundown, and abandoned cabin late at night with but a few flashlights. It was... creepy. Ha. Matt and I went back in daylight for some pictures of the epic site.

We were just about leave the haunted cabin when we noticed a new window! An attic! We had to see in. We first tried to see in by me standing on Matt's shoulders...

That didn't work too well. Next, the roof. Yes we climbed up top the roof and leaned over attempting to see inside.

Fortunately for us it was cold as the attic was full of beehives! And though we didn't quite make it in the attic, it was still an epic adventure! Love my brother! I missed him quite a lot those two years he was gone!

Escaping to the cabin was truly phenomenal though! It was wonderful being able to spend time with my family. My whole family! It's been a while since all of us have been together, and I loved it! I love my family! Family = another reason I love the Holidays!

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