Matty's Birthday

In honor of my brother’s birthday, we had a little celebration. Only, without him seeing as he’s currently serving a two year mission for the LDS Church in Uruguay. Right. So we baked him a cake. An awesome cake. And with the amount of batter we whipped up, we ended up with three tiers. And what did we do with those three tiers? Why, we did what’s only natural: we made a volcano cake! Brilliant no? Well, we thought so. Christina, Sarah and I even used fondant (not because we like the taste, but because we wanted to say that we’d used it) as the "rocky" exterior. Now, before we go on about this cake, can we discuss this fondant.

Fondant: That’s some pretty tricky stuff. First, there’s the whole smoothly flattening it part. Which we did… while kneeling on top of the counter in order to get enough pressure to spread the blasted stuff thin enough.  But we’re pretty relaxed at my house so being on the counter wasn’t really a big deal. The problem came, however, when we realized that we hadn’t the foggiest as to how to transfer the beautifully rolled out fondant to the cake. It was a large piece of rolled out fondant too. You see, wanting to make the volcano look as awesome as planned, we half brilliantly and half foolishly decided that we would cover all three layers with but one ginormous piece of fondant. Hmmmmmm... We thought it over a bit. Plotted. Considered spatulas. Considered shovels. It all seemed so complicated. So out of nowhere I swept the flattened fondant up with but my bare hands and daringly tossed it (literally tossed) onto the cake. Somehow it worked! It was completely careless and entirely hilarious all at once. But it worked! Fondant problem solved. Moving on...  

Then of course there was the decorating. And though we were running low on food dye, we pulled off some nice reds and oranges—the lava of course. And alas, we set our cake amidst the only logical backdrop: plants and dinosaurs (ok and perhaps a random Disney character or two...). Pretty cool, I know. And it was good!

Normally I don't recommend jealousy... but in the case of this epic cake I don't think it can be helped. I mean really, who wouldn't want a volcano cake surrouned by dinosaurs? Happy birthday Matty! 

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