Breaking Dawn Part I

I think I have discussed my love of midnight movie showings before? If not, let it be known that I have a hobby of midnight movie showings. Yes, a hobby. Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and now even the vampire…Twilight… series. It has gone from a love of the actual movies to a hobby meaning...

LOTR = love
HP = love
Twilight = terribly pathetic but comically entertaining (especially when seen with die hard fans). Really though, if you’re not a hard core fan of a movie than midnight showings with true fans are the best time to go! True fans make any movie entertaining as such lively and dedicated audiences are the entertainment. They're hilarious!

So my sister and her friends, some cousins, and I went. And we dressed the part.



Jacob and Renesmee





Volturi, Jacob, and Baby Renes

And that's the crew!

Tragically Utah "Twi hards" are pathetic! Not kidding! We were the only ones who dressed up! The only ones! …and we looked awesome! Still, what’s wrong with those "fans"! I haven’t even read the books! Ha! 

Note: While I'm not a "Twi hard" myself, I’m really not a Twilight hater. In truth I just find it hilarious how little actual happens in each movie. And what is this Edward vs Jacob thing anyway? Hello! Jasper all the way! What a fun night! Can’t wait for the experience of Part II!  

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