Why Wax Paper Doesn't Go In The Oven

My baby sister, Stephanie, and I decided to make gluten free goldfish crackers the other day. Well really, I happened upon Steph making goldfish crackers the other day...she's creative like that. She had made the dough perfectly by herself, but couldn’t find the required parchment paper. Being the “wise” and most “intelligent” older sister that I am, I concluded that wax paper was the same… Well. It’s not. But I didn’t know that. So I helped her use the miniature goldfish cutout to form hundreds of little fish shaped, cheddar flavored crackers that we most carefully placed on wax paper to cook.

Once they were in the oven, however, I left. My job was done and my bed was calling. As I arrived home still feeling warm fuzzies from helping out I received a phone call. Stephanie.
“How’d they turn out?” I ecstatically asked.
“Great…” she replied. Only, there seemed to be a hint of irony far from disguised in her voice.
“Great…? Are they gross?”
“No. They taste great… the parts that aren’t coated with wax..." she laughed.
“Wax…? It... melted!” Comprehension flooded my mind as I realized my mistake. Wax paper! Wax! Wax melts when hot! Oh dear. Lucky for me she is extremely positive and has a great sense of humor.

Every last one of the beautifully shaped crackers she had made were glued to the wax paper! Somehow it hadn’t occurred to me that wax melts when hot…then solidifies when cool. Oops. Lesson learned.

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