Finishing Touches

Living at the ZoBell Hotel is truly such a blessing! Aside from a place to live for a time, I get to hang out with my Grandparents all the time! Life doesn’t get better! And when I behave (kidding obviously) they even invite me on fun outings…such as the Utah Symphony’s “Finishing Touches” dress rehearsal. A few times each year the Symphony allows people to come to their final rehearsal for a greatly discounted price usually on Friday mornings. Only, it’s better than the real performance: you get to hear the music, see them perform, and you get snacks! Yes, food! Loved it! The music was simply marvelous! And my favorite part was the pianist! Talk about phenomenal! This 25-year-old Russian guest pianist played a 16 minute…I repeat 16 MINUTE piece by memory! Wow!

Just one of those wonderful mornings at the symphony, with the grandparents… a great start to the day. 

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