Ensign Club

My Grandparents are part of the Ensign Club…a club that meets monthly for intellectual and spiritual enrichment, all over a good meal. Meaning, they gather monthly at the Lion House (a fantastic restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City) to listen to an assortment of speakers over dinner. And this month my Grandparents invited my Dad to speak, so some of my siblings, my Mom, and I went along for support. It was wonderful! And I’m not just talking about the food…

My amazing Dad spoke on his global surgery initiatives and service in less developed countries. And let me tell you, he is one phenomenal guy—one who is actually making a difference in the world through a combination of determination and love. Aside from working fulltime as an MD and raising a family of nine children, he somehow manages to fit in hours and hours of service in every form—writing textbooks (Global Surgery and Public Health: A New Paradigm), setting up surgery centers, teaching teachers, enhancing medical systems, operating… you name it. Likewise he (along with my most loving and endlessly serving mother) has instilled in each of his children a similar passion for service and love. Together, my parents demonstrate compassion in the rarest and most sincere form. They are exquisite examples of selflessness and love. They don’t know the meaning of hatred or dislike. To them, everyone is not just a friend but family. Don’t believe me? Just stop by their house and you’ll see. Growing up all of my friends called them “Mom” and “Dad”… Even now, many of them still call my parents for advice or just to say hi. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t feel inspired and uplifted by them. My parents teach through the most superlative form: example.

Anyway, my Dad’s presentation was fabulous. Although he does service from Mongolia to Ecuador, and Ethiopia to China, he helps everyone believe they can make a difference today, now, in your very own neighborhood. Which is true. You don’t have to go any further than your own block to find someone in need. All you have to do is open and train your eyes, and more importantly your heart to see through the lens of compassion.

My cute grandparents with my Mom.

...I guess I didn't quite make it in that picture. Ha.

The amazing examples and parents themselves! Love them!

It was a fabulous night. Everytime I hear my dad speak I can't help but recommit to serving and loving a little more in every facet of my life. Like I said, you couldn't ask for better parents and friends.

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