Bryan's Thumb

Bryan and I have a new favorite kitchen devise: our salsa maker. We were suckered into buying it at the Utah State Fair last month and have yet to regret our decision. Well, this fantastic devise also came with some accessories for chopping, slicing, etc... anything from potatoes to meat. It’s great. So. Slicing. This slicer is sharp. We're talking really sharp. So sharp, in fact, that it sliced off a good chunk of poor Bryan’s thumb while making Sunday dinner last night. Aka his thumb is gone. Ok it’s not gone. But there's a nice piece of flesh missing. But he handled it like a champ. Though it was bleeding….a lot… he merely said, “Rach can you look at my thumb and tell me if you think it needs stitches.” Until his calmly stated question, I had no idea that anything was wrong! Can you imagine if our roles had been reversed?! I'd be screaming from the beginning!

Anyway. Bryan's thumb. I couldn't tell if it needed stiches. It was a... big piece of lacking flesh and a whole lot of gushing blood. So what did we do? We definitely did NOT go to the hospital. Nor will Bryan ever suggest a hospital visit again for mere stiches... not when related to me. My entire family is medical—doctors and nurses. AKA, in my family the hospital is the last place you go… So we sought out family to look at his wound. As for stitches, they were a no go seeing as the cut was too wide due to the missing piece of flesh. Instead it was decided to coterize his thumb that stubbornly refused to stop bleeding despite the constant pressure. Please appreciate that at this point I think Bryan said “Ouch”…maybe once. He’s much braver than me. Honestly though! Do we realize what it means to coterize?! Burning! Yikes.

As for Bry’s thumb, he’s just fine. He’s healing. Why, he's even become a true member of the family now. I mean, you can’t be part of the fam until you’ve been injured and treated by a fellow family member…. Trust me. 

And we’ve since learned how to safely use the slicer…it actually has something that keeps your hand from ever coming in contact with the blade. Glad we figured that one out...

Ps: When at my Grandma Price's the other day I mentioned to her that Bryan had finally become a true member of the family, to which she responded, “Did he crash his car?” I about died of laughter. 

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