Wicked Lottery

I'll save you from the anticipation: I won the Wicked Lottery. [Screaming! Cheering! …and composure.] Eh… it’s cool. Totally kidding: it’s SUPER cool!

I’ve been getting a bit sentimental about leaving my dear NY. Ok, extremely sentimental. Don’t get me wrong, I love Utah. But I also love NY… Well, in order to pay my respects to dear NY before I leave, I determined to make a final attempt to win the Wicked Lottery. And according to my research I had three days—a total of four performances—to win. Hey… last time I won (here) I had but 2 days! Game on.

Attempt #1: Tuesday, September 6. I was second in line to submit my name in the lottery... that’s how excited I was. Unfortunately (and predictably), the line didn’t stay 2 people long. No, it grew, and grew, and grew…and grew… and there was still a good 30 minutes before the drawing! Hope was fading fast. I needed a distraction. Answer: my sister, Bekah. We had a lovely 30 minute phone chat. I’ll spare you the details. Mostly what you should know is that Bekah and I determined that I was going to win. And why not? When 6pm finally rolled around I insisted Bekah remain on the line with me.

Name 1… Name 2… Name 3… and then...
RACHEL PRICE! (Have I mentioned I haven't changed my name yet... ?) 

I immediately started jumping and screaming... and I may have shed a tear! (Mind you, I was by myself.) I’ll never understand why more Wicked lottery winners don’t scream and jump… Hello folks, we’re talking $26.50 front row tickets to Wicked! The Wicked! Show a little enthusiasm! Anyway, Bekah thought I was kidding but I didn’t have time to convince her. In fact, I hung up on her. Ha. Terrible I know. But I had to call and see if Bryan would be able to get work off before I paid for his ticket. Luckily he answered. And luckily he was available… fewf… Pretty sure he was not expecting to get a call with that kind of news! Aren’t I the best wife? Ha. (Ps: I did call Bekah back... evenutally.)

Can you believe it though! First attempt! Front and center! I’ll tell you, someone was watching out for me and knew just how badly I wanted to win! I mean, there I was being sentimental about leaving, and all I wanted to do was attend my favorite musical one last time… and then I won? [Sigh] Thank you. I love musicals. I love them. And if there is one musical that trumps all other musicals for me, it's Wicked. Wicked has it all: ups, downs, anger, happiness, power, hatred, love… it’s a rollercoaster of emotional and musical genius! I kid you not, I cry every time. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: in the next life, I will be a Broadway Star.

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